A Lesson Learnt

What is the one thing that youngsters, and even many not so youngsters, covet most these days? A smart gadget, particularly a mobile phone. And I confess I am no different. So far, the one thing that I had loved most of all was books. But now, I really can’t help it if my tab and my smart phone assert just as strong, if not a stronger, pull on my attention. I have no hesitation in accepting that I love smart gadgets.

There was a time though, and not so long ago either, that I despaired (well, almost) of ever having a mobile phone. And the main reason for that was simply that I needed it not. Having left school after class seventh, I was no longer in touch with any of my schoolmates. And since I carried on my further studies through correspondence courses, I never made any collegemates either. And since I was not working, there were no official colleagues to connect with. In short, no one for whom I could need a phone to keep in touch with.

But then, have ever wants followed the dictates of needs? For needs, if you care to count them, are just a measly few. But wants, ever expanding, innumerable and procreating. And thus, regardless of whether I needed a mobile or not, I wanted it hundred percent. Tinkering with father’s mobile wasn’t enough. Taking daily possession of sister’s mobile wasn’t enough. I wanted my own gadget, plain and simple. Mobiles in other people’s hands filled me up with envy. Mobiles peeking at me from newspaper advertisements seemed to be teasing me. And even my darling computer was in danger of losing its charm for me because, well, it was not a mobile. (Okay, there might be a bit of exaggeration here, but never mind. You got the picture, didn’t you?’
This was the time, nearly eight years ago, when even a simple mobile was considered a fancy possession worthy of being flaunted by professionals and college students. So you see, making its purchase, unjustified as it was by utter lack of need, was out of question. And so I despaired.

But I have since learnt my lesson. No, I have not learnt to live without a mobile. That’s just out of question, as the things are.

I have learnt, despairing of anything is just our short sightedness. And this short sightedness results in us staring into the future but seeing only the reflection of the present in it. The truth is that no one can really know what the future hides in its folds.

For example, today, I am a published novelist (author of Dream’s Sake), have a full time job, and believe it or not, I am also a brand ambassador of the fastest growing brand of smart phones in the world! Yes, I am a Samsung Mobiler. I do not now just have a mobile, I get all the latest mobiles from Samsung for review! Not only that, I even get invites of the launch events of these mobiles and tablets. Trust me, even after a year of enjoying this privilege, I still marvel at it and consider it nothing less than a miracle.
And how did this miracle took place?

I just took part in a blogging competition hosted by Samsung Mobiles, India. The contest asked the bloggers to review the tab that had been recently launched by Samsung. Now, it was of course a contest primarily for technology bloggers. And I, a follower of literature instead, had zero expectation of winning it. But then, as I wrote above, one can never know what hides in future’s store.

I won the competition and become one of the twenty bloggers chosen from India to become Samsung Mobilers. Out of those twenty, I am the only girl, the only non-engineer, and the only one who has studied poetry instead of technology.

So you see, miracles do happen!

While being a mobiler has given me lots of happy moments, the most valuable thing I got out of winning that competition is a lesson. It has taught me how futile it is to despair or lose hope.

Really, you can never know what life has in store for you. So, just keep on walking, keep on following the path that life lays out before you. And sooner or later you may come to a turn where a miracle might be waiting just for you. Only, be prepared to meet it with open arms. For a good opportunity comes seldom. And when it knocks at your door, it is best to be bathed and dressed and ready to answer its call.

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