Battle of Dreams

Raja Ravi Varma's classic painting
Raja Ravi Varma’s classic painting

Mind often interferes in what the heart wants, and the heart would often take revenge by destroying the peace of the mind. And there in lies the battle of dreams, the conflict of choices and the fight of our own different selves. And like with Life and Destiny, the winner may not always be the most deserving. Because before the judgement of merit can be made, the world interferes, the world pollutes, the world misleads, and ย deafens with a noise that’s too loud to let us hear our own inner voice. And we follow these worldly dictates, and often run away from our own happiness.

Just as it happened to Aashi, the heroine of my novel Dream’s Sake. Just as it keeps on happening to all of us, one time or the other…

Because when we are caught between the battle of the heart and the mind, it is always the world that wins.

Sad, but true.

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