Be your own Valentine: 5 ways to love yourself.

Be your own Valentine.

Because the first person who needs to love you is Yourself.

The greatest need of our heart is to love and be loved. With love comes the assurance that someone values you, someone needs you, someone actually cares for you. There’s the love of the family. Then there’s the love that begins in romance but can end up being greater than the blood-bond. The love that can turn a stranger into a soulmate and life partner. 

Don’t we all dream of and long for this kind of love? But it is a rare treasure only the truly lucky can find. Far too many people around the world just go on yearning for it and aching with the loneliness that no crowd can push away.

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As we near the Valentine’s Day, lovers around the world are gearing up to make this most romantic day of the year truly special. At the same time, lonely souls are dreading its arrival and feelings of loneliness it will bring with it.

Before we move any further in the post, let’s ask one question. Who is a Valentine? I think a Valentine is the person who makes you feel desired, appreciated, and cherished. A person who makes you feel special. 

Whether you have a lover or are alone, there’s one person you must always make your Valentine. That one person is YOU. Because if you don’t love yourself, no other love matters. No other love can make you feel happy and fulfilled. 

The first person you truly need to love is — yourself.

Loneliness quote. Be your Vallentine

Here’s how to be your own Valentine:

Respect Yourself:

In my book Lemon Girl, I wrote “No love can survive without respect. Not even self-love.” I believe something is lacking in love if it does not respect. This is true for self-love too. You can’t love yourself unless you respect yourself. You might blunder again and again, you might fail, you might find yourself lacking in a thousand different ways, but don’t stop respecting yourself. Don’t lower yourself for anybody or anything. Hold your head high and dignity intact. Because if you don’t respect yourself, nobody else will.

Respect yourself
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Be proud of yourself:

When you love someone, you are proud of their every achievement. Be it a grand victory or even little things like learning to make an omelette. Love appreciates. Love applauds. And Love knows the struggle you went through and recognises the value of not just successes but even failed attempts. To be your own Valentine, you must do it too. Be proud of your achievements, however little. Be proud of your attempts, even if they failed. At least you tried. We all need someone who appreciates and recognises our struggles. But first, you be that person for yourself.

Forgive yourself:

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others, but mistakes are mistakes. We err because we don’t know any better at that time. It is understandable to feel bad upon going wrong. But don’t let self-blame turn into self-hate. Love does not punish. Love sees the mistake, understands the cause, forgives, and hopes for the better. You must forgive yourself too. Guilt can rob you of all happiness. If you did something wrong, accept and correct. Don’t wallow in self-blame, self-hate, and self-pity. Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, and try to do better next time.

Accept yourself, Be your own Valentine

Be hopeful for yourself:

Negative thoughts are our worst enemies. Enemies that we create ourselves and give a settled place in our heart. Fear of failure, the belief of ill-luck, low self-worth, all these are negative feelings that we torture ourselves with. Fight against them and try every day to replace them with positive thoughts. Believe in yourself, in your dreams, and be hopeful. Today might have been the crappiest day of all. But tomorrow might be better, or the next day, or the next day. If you love someone, you don’t let them feel bad. You do all you can to make them feel better. Make yourself feel better too. Be kind to yourself. Fight against your negative thoughts and never let them win.

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Celebrate yourself:

Don’t be shy of celebrating yourself. Your little successes, your little achievements, your joys, your delights. We are all caught in a very hard race. But while chasing your ambitions, while fighting against your fears, while living for your relations, don’t forget to take time out for yourself. If there’s nobody to pamper you, pamper yourself. 

Here are some cool ways to be your own Valentine:

  • Buy something you don’t need but would love to have.
  • Forget your diet plans for a day and eat what you want.
  • Dress as you want and wear whatever makeup you want, even if you have no plans to go out.
  • Go out, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your freedom.
  • Who’s stopping you from gifting yourself roses and chocolates? Do it, if you want them!

In short, do something you truly enjoy. Don’t always depend on others to make you happy. You are responsible for yourself. Make yourself happy. Have a blast this Valentine‘s Day. Enjoy yourself.

Love Yourself. Be your Valentine

Loving companionship is one of the greatest joys and strengths a person can possess. It demands a lot but gives a lot too. Love requires understanding, acceptance, and appreciation. You need to understand, accept, and appreciate yourself before you expect anyone else to understand and appreciate you. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t give wholesome love to anybody else. So, love yourself. Be your own Valentine. Not just on Valentine’s Day, but love yourself every day.

And if you still feel gloomy, here are 7 happy stories to make you smile.

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