Beginning of the End

Pooja hadn’t fallen in love with anyone yet. But she expected every man to fall in love with her. She was gorgeous, and her beauty justified her vanity.

It irritated her to see one young man ignore the rights of her good looks.

‘Any other guy here would kill to have a dance with me,’ she said, raising her voice over the din of music and the crowd.

‘Please hurry to them then, before they kill anyone!’ he laughed, settling down on the bar stool and making it clear that he had no intention of going with her.

‘Fine!’ she said, stamping her feet and targeting his elder brother instead. ‘Arunav, you’d dance with me, won’t you?’

‘I?’ Arunav said, almost choking on his beer.

‘Yes, you. Come, dance with me.’

Arunav had never been approached by any girl with an offer of dance. Nor had he approached any. He was a shy guy, a bookworm preferring solitude over company. A quiet man with deep feelings that were allowed expression only in secret sketches. A dreamer, with a long list of ambitions and all energies focused on making them come true. He was an architect by profession and passion. Buildings never bored him. People did. 

Arunav sometimes wished he too could live the life that his younger brother lived. He imagined being a party king like his brother. In his mind, he often had a wild time drinking and dancing. But in reality, he hated going to parties. Even when he was forced into a party, mostly by his brother, he just counted the minutes before he could escape. That day too, he had been doing just that till Pooja turned her eyes on him.

As Pooja asked him for a dance, Arunav heard his heart say ‘Yes’ loud and clear.

Her ruby lips were pouted. Her eyes looked at him with a delicious invitation and urging. Her low-cut dress showed off her curvy figure to perfection. Her face was loaded with makeup. It made her look glamourous, without hiding the freshness and charm of her youth.

Arunav’s young heart was ready, and waiting. The beauty beckoned. Arunav didn’t find that boring at all.

Besides, his dear younger brother clearly wanted Pooja away. Good brotherliness demanded taking her away.

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