Being A Management Funda

Management Funda

I haven’t studied management. But came to realize today that even in our daily lives, we follow various management fundas without realizing that we are doing so. Or maybe, the management fundas have been formulated by observing daily life.

Anyway, you might be wondering how I came to realize that. Well, today I had the honour and pleasure of being featured in Dainik Bhaskar’s popular column ‘Management Funda.’ The article appeared together in Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi editions of Dainik Bhaskar.

All thanks to Mr. N. Raghuraman (Success Coach, Author of 20+ books & a writer of daily column ‘Management Funda’) who considered me worthy of his popular column.

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1 thought on “Being A Management Funda”

  1. Jyoti, great leaders & managers don’t read management; management courses and books are inspired from their lives. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani didn’t read management but their management techniques are described in all top management courses, books & case materials.

    You’re indeed a source of inspiration for anybody. In words of Anupam Kher, “Agar ye ho sakta hai to kuchh bhi so sakta hai.”

    Have a great festive season ahead! 🙂

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