The first news that caught my eyes today was a small paragraph in the corner of HT City. Umm, well actually, others might have caught my eyes first, but this was the one I chose to read first of all. And what was this all important news? It said that William Shatner had been blocked from using Google + for some time because he had ended up greeting far too many people. No wonder at that since he has been to so many other planets and galaxies, he must know a lot many people more than us normal earth bound people. Thank God, Google finally understood that and unblocked his account.

But why did this news appear so important for me? Firstly, it told me that William Shatner is on Google Plus! Well, now he’s also in one of my circles on Plus. Of course, he still doesn’t know that I exist. But I’m pretty sure his updates are not going to interest me either, as there’s little chance they would now mention extra-terrestrial travels or voyages to the place ‘where no man has gone before.’ But still, it means something just to be able to follow him. Alas, he no longer is the super-fit, twinkling-eyed charmer that he used to be while he commanded USS Starship Enterprise. He was such a charmer that wherever Starship flew, while people might fall dead right and left of him, he still ended up winning the prettiest girl at the place.

I wonder if Startrek would have been half as much fun had it not been for the charm of Captain James T. Kirk and the quirkiness of Spock. It used to be my most favorite serial. Actually, it’s pretty much up there even now. But then, I always loved things related to the sky and the world beyond the visible expanse of it.

Looking up at the sky has always been my favorite hobby. It requires little mental effort and gives great peace. And yeah, if you stare really hard and let your mind just wander around without any interruption, whole threads of wonderful stories can be woven out too from the fabric of the fleecy clouds.

I remember how I used to look up at the night sky, at the distant twinkling stars, and imagine Starship Enterprise making its course through them. Yeah, I knew it was fiction, but that didn’t matter. So I used to stand and stare at the sky, and imagine the Starship turning back towards Earth, flying right over my home. Or sometimes it was an alien ship that flew over me, and sent a lifting ray down and kidnapped me from Earth and took me far away for experiments. But there was nothing to be scared about in that. Captain Kirk was there to rescue me and take me aboard Enterprise. And on Enterprise, Dr. McCoy (I hope that’s how his name is spelled) was to cure me. By then the Enterprise of course would have traveled far away from Earth. That was okay too, I didn’t mind going ‘where no man has gone before’ and meeting danger face to face.

I must have entered Enterprise a hundred times at least by that route, always ending up becoming a valued team-member and a daring astronaut. And I surely had adventures far more thrilling than were ever shown on the show.

Being on Enterprise, that was such a delightful dream. Rather, it was a blockbuster movie that played again and again in my head. I never got bored of it, but over time, the Enterprise traveled too far away from me and I could not reach it even in dreams.

Now, other dreams have usurped its place. Dreams that don’t so easily end up in success and happiness. Dreams, that live like a flaming burden in my heart, torturing with fears of failures, making me contest constantly with hopes and despair.

How good were those childish fantasies, though they led me no where. And how torturous these grown up ambitions, stealing all splendor from the sky and making me wonder if there really is life beyond.

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  1. Oh you are so right Jyoti.. Childhood I could fly all the way to Jupiter… and now even to get back to India it does not seem easy… a very well written post ya.. loved the last few lines the most 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautifully put Jyoti !!! As a kid I could easily trade any of my dreams for a scoop of butterscotch ice cream !!! All that dad had to do was get a family pack of that to tell me I will not be allowed to go for a trip or i wont be getting another bicycle !

    It was all so simple… Now…. I wonder what has changed that we have lost so much of our content with life that we tend to crave to achieve every dream ! if we don’t then we end up depressed… if we somehow manage to get what we dream about,…. even then there will always be a dream queued up ! … almost at the same instant !!!

    Strange are the ways of life… but then when i think about it… childhood is the right time to just dream ! But as adults… we are meant to dream not just for ourselves but also for the ppl we care… at most times… it’s all about trying to make their dreams come true rather than trying too hard on our dreams !!! Probably the way changes…. but the dream will be fulfilled… if not ours.. at least of the ppl around us !!!

    Do i make any sense ???!!! even I wouldn’t understand what the hell I just wrote… My fingers just went crazy reading such a hard-hitting yet subtle post !

    You were right when you said this was your favorite post in your blog ! Now we share a favorite ! 🙂

    Don’t bother trying to understand the whole of my ranting…! 😉 It hardly makes any sense !

    Cheers !

    1. Oh, your comment makes perfect sense 🙂 I’m glad my post pleased you so much. I’m not much of a blogger. This post just wrote itself when I was feeling really troubled. My debut novel had recently been launched and I was getting sleepless nights about it and wondering what lay in my future.

      Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. The last paragraph says it all Jyoti… our lives now are left wondering whether there is life beyond. Pretty often, we are left with no life to live now and dream of all things bright and beautiful.

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