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Bookworms will rule the world poster

Bookworms will rule the world as soon as we finish one more chapter.

I’m sure every bookworm will agree to this quote. You too like it, don’t you? Why else would you be looking for its poster? Well, the poster is given at the end of this post. But first, what do you think will happen if we bookworms really do rule the world?

I guess one can imagine many resulting scenarios. Here’s what I think:

When bookworms will rule the world

1. The world will be more peaceful:

People engage in strife and conflict to achieve something they want. But we bookworms want nothing but a good book in our hands, and space to read it in peace. We love peace! 

That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy conflicts. We do. But only the fictitious conflicts that we find within the pages of a book. We are so busy experiencing them that we have no desire to spend time on anything else. No desire to fight, no desire to argue. Just leave us readers alone and let us be. We want to read!

So when the bookworms rule the world, they wouldn’t want to waste any time creating wars. We would create peace so we can read undisturbed.

2. The world will be more understanding and forgiving:

The books we read have taught us that a person who makes a mistake isn’t necessarily bad. We know how situations compel people to do wrong. How even a genuinely good person can do evil. We have seen it often in the novels we read.

That is why bookworms are more understanding and forgiving. And when we rule the world, we’ll make the world more patient and forgiving too. 

3. World will be so much quieter:

Bookworms hate nothing more than being interrupted while reading. Give us a good book, and we can spend an entire day without speaking a word. And if you talk to us, we’ll probably not listen. If your conversation interferes with our reading, it is an irritating noise. 

Book lovers prefer silence so we can read undisturbed. So when we rule the world, we will make it a law that everyone must keep quiet if someone is reading nearby. 

4. Reading hours will become compulsory:

Reading hours, just like lunch hours, will become compulsory in all schools, colleges, and offices. Books are as important for the bookworms as food! 

5. Library at every corner:

There will definitely be more libraries and bookstores in the world. If a bookworm finishes a book mid-travel, they should be able to get the next one as soon as possible. We need books as necessarily as cars need petrol. So libraries and book vendors must be as common as petrol pumps.

6. Reading zones in hotels and restaurants:

Many places, like restaurants and hotels, have smoking zones where cigarette lovers can smoke. Book lovers need reading zones likewise. Quiet areas in restaurants, hotels, etc. where we can read without being disturbed by a chattering crowd.

7. When bookworms rule the world, books will be classified as essential commodities:

Books are as essential for book lovers as water and food. So, when the bookworms will rule the world, we will make sure they are as cheap as possible. Government these days provides several things at subsidized rates. Books should be subsidized too. Yes, even romance novels and crime fiction, etc. We love reading novels. We need them. They are essential to us.

8. Disturbing a reader will be a criminal offense:

When bookworms rule the world, disturbing anyone while he or she is reading will be a criminal offense. Separation from a book causes us emotional trauma. And the longer we are interrupted during reading, the worse is the torture we suffer.

9. Not returning a borrowed book will be a criminal offense:

This is most essential. Our books are precious to us. We love them. So, anyone borrowing a book and not returning it is a thief in our eyes. Theft is a crime, isn’t it? Then not returning a borrowed book should be a crime too. 

10. Damaging a book will be a criminal offense:

Book lovers don’t just love the books, we worship them. Therefore, damaging a book is a sin in our eyes. And when we rule the world, we will make sure damaging a book in any way is a punishable offense. 

11. Reading allowance would be compulsory:

Just as companies will have to give Reading Hour to their employees, they will also have to provide Reading Allowance. Books cost money. And because the bookworms will classify books as an Essential Commodity and a Fundamental Right, employers will have to give extra funds to the employees for them.


This is what I think will happen when bookworms rule the world. What do you think will happen when book lovers manage to stay away from the books long enough to control the world?

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Finally, here’s the promised Bookworms will Rule the World Poster. If you read the entire post, thank you very much. If not, I can understand. Download the poster below and be happy 🙂

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Bookworms will Rule the World Poster

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