Some dulaar for those who have never felt it

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Whether we express it or not, we all feel that our mothers are special. Because for them, we are special. Even when we fail, even when we do mistakes, even when we hate ourselves, for our mothers we remain as precious as ever. A mother’s love never wavers, no matter what.

But there are millions of us who never know what a mother’s love is. Orphans who grow up without ever feeling precious for anyone. I can’t even imagine how that would be like. Never to feel the love of parents, never to be comforted by their care. Just the thought is terrifying.

Dulaar – Aao Banae Ek Mazboot Rishta

I recently came to know about an initiative by Dabur to spread some dulaar (love) among such orphans. Dabur is already a very familiar name in India. It is a Science-based Ayurveda Company that millions of Indians trust for personal care and healthcare products. Now the well known Dabur Amla Hair Oil has started an initiative called ‘Dulaar – Aao Banae Ek Mazboot Rishta.’ This campaign invites ladies to volunteer  ‘1 Massage Hour’ to make an orphan girl feel a mother’s love.

People often donate toys, books and other gifts at orphanages. But very few think of donating their time. This is what Dabur’s initiative wants women to do. Through this campaign, Dabur will organize a special day for orphan girls. This will involve gifting them with toys, books, and above all, a mother’s touch.

‘Dulaar - Aao Banae Ek Mazboot Rishta’

‘Dulaar – Aao Banae Ek Mazboot Rishta’ campaign will plan out a day involving not just gifts but also fun and engaging activities facilitating the woman volunteer and the orphan girl to spend some quality time together. The orphan girl will get new clothes, decorations in her room and also special home cooked meals. And they will experience a mother’s touch and care through Dabur Amla massage. Yes, an oil massage, or what we call ‘champi.’

Speaking on the initiative, Dabur India Ltd Category Head-Hair Oils Rajat Nanda said: “The act of oil champi (head massage) has been a part of our Indian tradition for years now. It not only makes hair strong but also builds the bond between a mother and daughter. There are memories, experiences associated between mother and daughter with the massage time. Taking inspiration from this, Dabur India Ltd has taken a leap in introducing its Dulaar campaign, which will help the orphan girls, experience the touch of motherly love. Through this campaign, we will reach out to the orphanages and will try to make that day the most memorable for these kids.”

The campaign will start from Lucknow and will soon spread over to other Indian cities. Of course, this is a promotional campaign. But if it can make little orphan girls experience a mother’s love and a day of feeling special, then it’s a worthy campaign. No wonder the ‘Dulaar – Aao Banae Ek Mazboot Rishta’ campaign has already received 3,000 entries from across India through Facebook, Twitter and phone calls.  If you would like to volunteer too, just give a missed call on 9069138399.


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