Digging into the Chef’s Basket

Chef's Basket review

This post is not going to be about books or reading or writing. As the picture above makes it clear, this post is going to be about food. Yummy food. So be ready to whet your taste buds!

Well, I’m not much of a foodie. I’m even less of a cook. And I have never yet browsed through Amazon or Flipkart to hunt for gourmet food. So by myself, I probably would never have tried any of the delights of the Chef’s Basket.

My introduction to the Chef’s Basket happened because this Indian brand is part of the Amazon Launchpad. And when Amazon Launchpad launched in India, I was there to cover the event. And as member of the media, I received some packets of the Chef’s Basket food items as gift. Other than these, I’ve not received any payment from the brand. In other words, this post is un-sponsored and unbiased.

Now that we are clear of that, let’s continue.

If you look at any page of the Chef’s Basket products, you can read all about the brand’s vision and specialty. Chef’s Basket seeks to make it easy for everyone to make gourmet food items. Using Chef’s Basket kits, anyone can make items like Haka noodles with Manchurian sauce, Pasta Cheesy Alfredo, Tiramisu, Chocolate Trifle in just about 15 minutes. These kits contain all the various ingredients carefully and separately packed. Even rock salt, oil, seasoning etc. is packed into the kits if the dish requires it.

Using these kits is not quite as easy as making Maggi, but the directions given on the box are simple enough for anyone to understand. And basically, you just have to heat the items and bring them together as directed.

The best thing about Chef’s Basket gourmet delights is that no added preservative, colour or flavor is used in them. The food items are all natural and preserved through thermal treatments while packaging the products.

And are they any good? Well, if they hadn’t delighted me, I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’ve tried one of their pasta boxes, haka noodles and tiramisu. And I’ve loved them all! And you may consider this post as my compliments to the chef. 😀

I don’t know how near the authentic taste they are. But the noodles and pastas are very near the taste most Indians like. That is, spicy and strong on garlic and herbs. What they offer is a taste like a dish from a good restaurant in India, at a much cheaper rate and in a healthier way.

The gourmet kits aren’t exactly cheap. But for gourmet delight once in a while, Chef’s Basket food kits are excellent. Definitely worth a try.

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