Editing Bootcamp by Dola Basu Singh

Editing is the magic that can turn a good book into a great one. It is also the magic that requires a lot of hard work.

Editing is important for a self-published as well as a traditionally-published author. A well-edited book has a greater chance of being accepted by a publisher. And a well-edited self-published book has a greater chance of pleasing the reader.

This means that no matter how your writing is published, you can’t escape the task of editing. Even if you write a blog, you need to edit and proofread it. However, editing is no easy task. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and attention to detail.

Being an author, I’m always on the lookout for writing and editing tips. So, when I got the opportunity to review a book about editing, I grabbed it instantly. And I’m glad I did.

Editing Bootcamp: A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Self-Editing Part 1 by Dola Basu Singh is not a long book. But within its short length, it teaches you about the most important elements of writing and how you can edit to make them perfect. In a very clear and concise way, Dola Basu Singh explains the steps of editing and the writing mistakes you should look out for. The book is well-organized, easy to understand, and full of useful tips.

The best thing about this editing guide is the checklists the author has given after every chapter. At first, all these points may look daunting. But they are very sensible advice and will definitely make your writing more polished.

Dola Basu Singh is an experienced editor. Her knowledge and experience appear clear in the book. This book does not just show how to edit, it also has plenty of wise advice about how to write.

Check out the blurb and author introduction below:

Dola Basu Singh


Looking to self-publish on a low budget but can’t compromise on quality?
Want to polish your book before querying an agent?

Are you a newbie fiction editor wanting to learn developmental editing?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Lots of books teach the craft of writing but not many focus on reworking, polishing, or self-editing. Learning editing skills shouldn’t be restricted to a privileged few. All writers should have access to strategies that can change a crude first draft into a polished work of art.

Editing Bootcamp will demystify the editing process by showing you how to spot and avoid common pitfalls, and correct the mistakes.

Inside you’ll find:
•Actionable steps for all stages of editing.
•Seven fiction elements including structure, point of view, characters, dialogue and more.
•Handy editing checklists.

Take your writing to the next level with this concise how-to guide. Edit yourself into print.
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About the author

“Dola Basu Singh is a cozy mystery author and a professionally trained fiction editor. Many of her short stories have been published and she has won an Editor’s Choice award from Indiereads for her short fiction.

She lives in a small yet picturesque village in Punjab, India, and loves nothing better than to sit under the mango tree in her courtyard with a book in hand, sometimes day-dreaming and sometimes writing, when she is not otherwise occupied editing manuscripts or reading storybooks with her son.”

You can stalk her @
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