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Clearing Some Myths about the Book Lovers

The world is divided between people who adore books and people who consider books as boring. For readers or book lovers, it is very hard to believe that people can pass their whole life without being touched by the magic of books. On the other hand, non-readers cannot understand that entertainment can really be woven in black ink on white pages. To those who do not read, book lovers appear weird, boring and maybe even a little crazy. Over time, many misconceptions have developed about people for whom breathing into a good book is as important as breathing itself.

Joy of books

Let’s try and bust some of these myths.

Miracle of books

Book lovers are boring and have boring life:

A Book Lover is a person who has the chance to live numerous different lives. A person who has the power to see numerous different places. A person who meets new and interesting people every day. A person who lives many different romances, goes on adventures, is often in danger and is a witness of battles, intrigues, mysteries, sublime love, and true wisdom almost every day. Can that person be boring, or have a boring life? “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one,” said George R.R. Martin.

Now you tell me who is more boring.

Books are world of knowledge

Book lovers only have bookish knowledge:

And what knowledge do the books have? Knowledge of the world, isn’t it? It is my belief that readers possess better understanding of the world and people because they have been through so many different worlds and lived in the minds of so many different people. Readers are more forgiving of people’s faults because we have seen far too many people getting over-powered by their emotions and making mistakes. And we know ourselves better too. Because when you read, you just don’t read by your eyes. You read by your heart. And in so doing, you know what your heart feels, fears and wants. Every good book is like a mirror capable of reflecting your innermost thoughts.


Book lovers read books because they are too lazy to do anything else:

The truth is that when we are caught inside a good book, we don’t give a damn to anything else. It becomes far more imperative to see a murder happening then cleaning the dishes waiting in the sink. It is more urgent to see the result of heroine’s letter to hero, than completing a school project. It’s compulsion, not laziness. And if you still think book lovers are lazy, just tell them that a new bookstore has opened up in the opposite corner of the city. Then see the speed with which they visit it and spend hours roaming through it, emptying their pockets.

Books are best friends

Book lovers are antisocial:

We love people, in fact. The only trouble is that most of the people we meet in real life don’t measure up to the fantastic people we keep on meeting in our books. I have met many great people in my life so far. But most of them happen to inhabit the pages of fiction.

So if we appear avoiding or ignoring you, that’s just because we want to spend time with somebody far more interesting. That is, a character in the book we are reading.

And yeah, we might turn a bit anti-social if you try and hinder our meeting with our favourite characters!

Book lovers

Book lovers are pretentious. They can’t really love books that much:

Actually, we don’t just love books. We adore them. We worship them. The thought of damaging a book is sacrilege for us. The possibility of a loss of even one item in our carefully built-up book collection is a nightmare. A casual reader might display books in a fancy bookshelf. But a true book lover worries more about keeping the precious books safe from dust, moisture, kids, pets, and most of all from a book borrowers’ eyes. So if you still think we just pretend to love books, try hurting even one page of our favourite book in front of our eyes. But understand first that whatever will happen next, it will not be our responsibility. A mother is not responsible for getting crazy with rage when someone tries to hurt her kids, right?

And finally,

Read a book

So if you don’t like reading books, it’s your problem. You better see a librarian to cure you of this problem. Meanwhile, just let us bookworms be. We have many more exciting worlds to explore and many more beautiful people to meet.

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