Passing a rain soaked weekend

As the summers rise in their intensity, we start waiting eagerly for the clouds to overpower the sun and melt the heat away. However, when the monsoon arrives, it often also hinders us from going out on fun trips. That feels most frustrating when our plans for weekend fun get washed away in rain.

When that happens to me, here’s how I pass the rainy day:

Gazing at the greens:

Rain drops on leaf
Clicked using LeEco Le 2

I’m blessed to have a bit of green space in my home. And after racing against time all through the week and straining my eyes staring at the computer and smartphone screens, there’s nothing more relaxing than to gaze at the greens and dream. This becomes even more delightful when leaves and branches gently nod their heads under the weight of raindrops and gleam with freshness. If your heart be not burdened with some gloom, this is a perfectly relaxing and refreshing way to pass a rainy day.

Food Pampering:

Delicious tikki, photo clicked using LeEco Le 2

Rain and hot pakodas make for a great pair, don’t they? I also enjoy watching the rain while picking on roasted corn zinged up with lemon and spices. But hey, these aren’t the only things that can make a dull rainy day fun. Ever tried watching the rain with a plait of tikki? Yum!

The food splurge balanced off with fruity goodness:

Jamuns dusted with rock salt. Clicked using LeEco Le 2

I declare that when you sit idle and stare at the rain pouring down, you feel an irresistible urge to munch something. Now, I’m not so much of a foodie to keep on eating oil-soaked tikkees and pakodas all day. I give healthy food an equal chance too. And jamuns are a great way to satisfy the craving with delicious, juicy treat. They taste great and are healthy too. And because they are available only in monsoon season, they are perfect companions for a rainy day.

Lost in the realm of books:

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Of course, an idle day of a bookworm can never pass away without wandering through the magical pages of books. And I think all bookworms know that the books gain in the power of grasping their readers when aided by the shade of a clouded sky and the sound of pouring rain. Especially if you are reading a love story!

Magic of Music:

Le 2 and CDLA headphones
LeEco Le with CDLA headsets that are the latest in headphone technology and provide end-to-end lossless digital music transmission

I may not have any musical talent, but I love listening to old songs. Old Bollywood melodies especially. Of course, the music of raindrops against the drum roll of thunder is delightful. But if it goes on for  too long, a dip into some different melodies is welcome too.

Dreaming and Writing:

pen on paper
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Many might call a rainy day as gloomy. But to a writer, it is a day when imagination does not need to be forced. Just staring at the rain or an overcast sky is enough for thoughts to raise their voice and words to pour our in the form of poems, stories or just random musing. And so, when I was not eating, reading or gazing out at the garden, I had enough to do helping my pen keep pace with my thoughts, while the music of rain played on.

This was how I generally passed rainy day days. What’s your fix?

*This post has been written for LeEco, but it’s not a paid post*

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