Happy Independence Day

Once again comes the proud day on which India celebrates the journey of her freedom and the progress she has made till now. But many might question whether we are really free? It is true that we are not free of all ills. But we are a free and independent nation. Let’s not our own faults undermine what the greatness of our freedom fighters, our martyrs, our social activists and our honest and hardworking citizens (yes, they existed and still aren’t extinct) have achieved. We may be slaves of selfishness, greed, corruption, poverty, ignorance, religious dogmas and intolerance. But we are free to free ourselves of these ills. We are free to raise our voice against these. We are free to do what we can so each one of us can live a life of peace and dignity.

Independence Day wish

So let us all, on this great day, resolve to free ourselves of our own pettiness. As we bow our head to the great souls whose efforts and sacrifices freed our motherland and put it forward on the road of progress and pride, let us resolve to at least try to follow their virtues and ideals.

If today we find our beloved country enslaved with many ills, those ills really reside in our hearts. If we free ourselves, we’ll free our motherland too. And then, nothing and nobody will be able to stop India from rising and shining on the horizon of success.

On this Independence Day, let’s all freely celebrate what we have achieved so far and look forward to what more we can achieve (Tweet This), if we just stop binding our own feet and lowering our country’s head with our own sins

happy independence day

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