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Tribute to Indian soldiers.

India’s youth cry out for India’s destruction. And our own leaders support that in the name of freedom of expression.

Government directs that all national universities must hoist national flag. And people jump on to argue against even that. How can anyone have any opposition to hoisting the national flag, I cannot understand.

India’s veteran soldier mourns the demise of national pride and says that the soldiers feel they have been left alone. I don’t know whether our so-called secular leaders feel ashamed now or not. Probably not. But it is indeed a matter of shame for the entire country to make our soldiers feel forsaken.

But you are not alone, sir. Indian politicians may only care for their note and vote banks. We care for you.

National flag of India

We value your sacrifices and are forever grateful to our brave soldiers and martyrs and their brave families. We are proud of you. And we are proud of our glorious nation and our national flag for which so many brave people have laid down their lives.

We salute our soldiers. Thank you so much, dear Indian soldiers, for our sake you go through so much hardship and even sacrifice your life. Thank you! Jai Hind!

Tribute to Indian soldiers

Pushp Ki Abhilasha - tribute to Indian soldiers

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