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In conversation with Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

Inderpreet is a dear friend and fellow author. I recently had the opportunity to interview her about her latest book. Do check out her awesome answers..

Who is Inderpreet?

I am a woman in love with words. I see myself as a forever learner, a person who is fortunate to pursue her passion as a writer and enjoy it.

I know you from when you were a book reviewer. Now you are a published author. From a reader to an author, how has the experience been till now?

It has been a wonderful and inspiring journey so far. Now with my commitment with editing and writing I do find less time for reading but I try to read as much as possible. Being on the other side of a book where I help polish it and write my own books helped me appreciate the hard work involved in bringing out a book to the reader. Being an Indie Author I know the hard work involved in the promotion as well. It’s a learning and liberating journey.

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

What do you think about the current literary scene in India?

It is blooming, flourishing and offering so many opportunities for new writers and readers. The power of social media is so visible in books as we see authors and publishers reaching deep into the small towns and cities. I think it is the best time for books and readers alike.

In your opinion, is self-publishing a shortcut to fame?

I see self-publishing as a way to showcase one’s writing. Fame will only come if you are a consistent and good writer. There are many one book wonders in traditional publishing as well. It is a simple way of achieving your goal of sharing the books you want to write and not one dictated by norms. If it is a good book, it will find readers.

Self-Editing, Editing book

What’s your latest book about?

My latest book Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors (Affiliate Link) is a simple guidebook about why every author/writer must have their work edited. The right way of getting a book edited.

Let’s get to know you better:

  1. Favourite hour of the day: Early morning just before dawn.
  2. Favourite Food: Chinese
  3. Favourite Author: Vikram Seth, Nora Roberts, Jhumpa Lahiri, Danielle Steel, Nalini Singh, and Sidney Sheldon, Shelley Shepard Gray.
  4. Favourite book genre: Romance
  5. Favourite social network: Right now Instagram but Twitter is a close second. I am @indywrites on both.
  6. Ebook or print book? Ebook.
  7. Book or movie? Book
  8. Reading or writing? Reading
  9. Sky or ocean? Ocean
  10. Fantasy or reality? Fantasy
  11. Fashion or comfort? Comfort!
  12. Cat or dog? Dog
  13. Tea or coffee? Coffee
  14. Party or solitude? Solitude
  15. Travel or stay at home? Travel

Connect with Inderpreet at www.inderpreetuppal.com

All books by Inderpreet available at Amazon (Affiliate Link)

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