India vs Bangladesh: The Sweet Victory

I’ll say one phrase and I bet that if you are an Indian, you will break out in a grin at once. And the phrase is “India versus Bangladesh.”

There, you are ginning, aren’t you? I told you so!

The game defined what ‘nail-biting match’ means. Team India snatched an almost impossible victory. What a game, what a finish! I’m sure the noise pollution in India must have jumped up by several decibels right after that last ball in the last over. Because I can’t imagine any Indian watching the match or listening to it on radio and managing to refrain from a laughing, crying, shouting, clapping fit after that last ball win.

And as can be expected, Twitter erupted in applause too. and #IndvsBan started trending at number 1. While all tweets were fun, I came across two that defined the match for me.

India vs bangladesh

“”Don’t give up till the end. Don’t celebrate before you win!”

That is what winning spirit is all about, isn’t it? Never giving up. Never losing focus. Glad to see our cricket team enthused with this spirit. The success they are getting is a result of this, and their hard work.

If we are to take out a lesson from IndvsBan match in T20 2016, it will surely be:

Work hard, don’t give up, keep on trying, stay focused. Because that’s what winners are made of. It’s not over till it’s the end. (Click to tweet)

Even after the end, it’s a new beginning, I might as well add. Our cricket stars have shown that. They have lost, many of them have struggled for their form and they have come back with a glorious display of talent.

And here’s the second tweet that defined the moment perfectly:

Indian unity over cricket
Some parts shaded over to protect privacy

Nothing unites India like cricket. We all know that. When a crucial cricket match is on, we laugh together, cry together and almost breath together. We try different experiments. If we feel our watching the match is lucky for India, we stay glued to the television sets. If we feel our watching is rather unlucky, we willingly sacrifice our viewing pleasure just so India would win. Lucky seats, lucky postures, lucky anything is strictly adhered to.

Yes, that’s how crazy we are about cricket! And proudly so!

I don’t know how India is going to perform in the coming matches. But this match was awesome and the victory is worth celebrating. So congratulations, Team India! And all the best for the remaining matches!

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