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What Indian Soap Operas Teach Us

Once upon a time, there was no television to pack up the entire world and bring it into our living room. But as soon as it arrived, we became addicted to it. Even after the rise of computers, internet and smartphones, our televisions are still holding their proud place in our homes. They entertain us, inform us and are great help in whiling away a boring hour.

Out of all sorts of programs that we can watch on televisions, I thinks soap operas enjoy most popularity. And rightly so. After all, they entertain us while teaching us many valuable lessons. Yes, lessons. Here are some that I have learnt from the TV Soaps.

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  • Nobody has worse luck than the heroines of Indian Soap Operas. No matter how virtuous they are, they can never live in peace. But still they don’t give up holding on to their virtues, their piety and their concern for their families. That teaches us that no matter how bad the things get, we must remain true to ourselves.
  • Men can’t do anything. Men in TV shows sit at home doing nothing most of the time. Yet, they can solve no family problem. It’s all up to the women of the house to solve all sorts of normal, abnormal, paranormal problems. Well, they are chiefly responsible for creating these problems too. So never consider the fairer sex as feebler too.
  • Looking beautiful is important. Even if you have just woken up from sleep. Even if your heart is getting wrecked with misery. Even if you have just recovered from a long illness. You must look beautiful and have your makeup smudge free.
  • The size of the bindi aides in the augmentation of a woman’s cunning. The bigger the bindi, the more cunning is the vamp. So if you think you are being made fool of by the world, try applying a long or wide bindi in the center of your forehead to gain some cunning.

Indian telly vamps

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  • There is no crime in India. And that is why our telly soap heroines can roam on city roads decked with heavy gold and diamond sets. They can have homes with windows that have no iron grills. Not even nets to keep the dengue causing mosquitoes away. Doors are seldom locked. Lesson learnt: all these dangers are just in our mind. If we concentrate on looking beautiful and crying a lot, we can remain safe from all such petty dangers.
  • Guests are gods. They must always be treated with respect and as a family member. Even if they come for one hour and then settle down permanently in the house to plot out the wreck of the family.

Chakor in Udaan

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  • Men might not be able to do anything. But little children can do everything. They don’t need to grow up to defeat grownups. They can shoulder huge responsibilities, like freeing up whole villages from slavery! So never underestimate the might of children.
  • Time is relative. A character can take two days to read a letter. Another character can travel from Mumbai to a remote village in another state before a family finishes their puja. So it’s not good to blame lack of time for not being able to complete your work. Our soap operas make it clear that time can be molded as per our desire.
  • There is no delay in God’s home. They give instant response, to Indian telly soaps’ heroines at least. That might be the reason why God seems too busy to help all the rest of us. But at least we know that God exists and is all powerful. Our soap operas have proved it.
  • Miracles happen. Dead can be revived, a holy cloth can revive the dying and a bit of sindoor can even save you from the demon God! So keep your faith in God and never give up believing in miracles.

Our Indian television soaps really do teach us a lot, don’t they? They may not be able to give very good fashion advice with all their over the top outfits and makeup. But if you need to learn, they can teach you very well about different ways of crying. And many more such valuable life lessons, I’m sure. And most of all, they teach us patience to bear the ridiculous and call it entertainment.

woman watching TV

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