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Is Kindle worth buying? Here’s all you need to know.

I’ve been a fan of ebooks since I download my first ebook app on my smartphone. I have received some paperback books as gifts in the past few years. But they are still in my ‘to-be-read’ list. I read my ebooks instead. I find reading ebooks more convenient now.

For several years, I told myself I don’t need a Kindle. ‘I can read ebooks on my phone. There’s no need to spend money on a Kindle eReader,‘ I thought. However, an Amazon Prime Day sale trapped me. And I gifted myself a Kindle Paperwhite (Affiliate Link. I might earn a bit of commission from it, but won’t cost you anything extra). It’s been two years since and I have never regretted my impulse buy.

Kindle tips & tricks

So, is Kindle worth buying?

In one short word, I can answer your question. Yes! But the short answer won’t be enough, would it? So let me give you the reasons that make Kindle worth buying.

Why is Kindle better for reading?

I’ve heard many book lovers say they don’t prefer ebooks because they like the feel of books in their hands. Well, trust me, you’ll come to love the feel of a Kindle in your hand too. And here’s why I prefer it over print books:

Library in a single device:

A kindle can carry thousands of books in its slender frame. Although having print books gives a very satisfying sense of ownership, storing them is a problem. The pile of books keeps on increasing and the storage space keeps on shrinking. Kindle, on the other hand, can carry all your books within it, no storage space required.

But this is not the only reason that makes Kindle worth buying. There are many more.

Benefits of Kindle e-readers. Is Kindle worth buying?

Kindle display looks just like paper:

Reading on Kindle is more comfortable than reading on smartphones, iPads, or other tablet devices.

The screen of smartphones and tablets have glare which tires the eyes. And the screen light comes towards the eyes. Continuous staring at this bright light, especially in dark, can cause serious eye ailments.

Then how is Kindle good for eyes?

Reading on Kindle is more comfortable for eyes. The Kindle display is glare-free. It looks just like a paper. Its marvellous electronic ink technology (e-ink tech) does not tire the eyes. There won’t be any reflections on a Kindle display even if you take the Kindle out in bright sunlight. You might see shadows on it just like you would on a paper book. All new Kindle models now come with screen light. But this light does not directly come towards the eyes. The tiny light bulbs are located very close to the Kindle screen. Their light falls on the display, bounces off and then comes towards the eyes. This is kinder to eyes because we are not directly staring into a source of light.

Reading on a Kindle is also more comfortable than reading a physical book.

A Kindle is a very slender and lightweight device. You can easily hold and operate it with one hand. Just swipe a thumb over the display and you can change the page. Also, unlike the physical book, you can change the page colour, font, and font size. You can make the font as big as is comfortable for you to read. Now, even the base model of Kindle comes with LED lights. So, you can easily read it in dark, unlike physical books. The brightness of this light is also adjustable.

Vocabulary Builder on Kindle
Showing text from Lemon Girl

Awesome features of Kindle eReaders

On Kindle devices, you can do more than just read an ebook. By just dragging your finger over words, you can highlight selected text. You can make notes. You can even share these notes and highlights. Plus, it has features like Word Wise that help in vocabulary building. On a Kindle, if you come across a difficult word, just long-press on it to see its meaning. Your books get automatically bookmarked and your reading progress gets synced online. And you can arrange all your books as per collections, like love stories, New book, old books, read, etc. All these features are also available on the free Kindle apps for smartphones. But we have already established it is easier to read on Kindle than on a smartphone.

Millions of books at your fingertips:

Amazon Kindle store has millions of books. It would be rare to find a book that’s not available as a Kindle ebook. And you can browse through this vast book store, purchase, wishlist, or sample an ebook from within the Kindle device. Besides the paid ebooks, Kindle Store also has a huge number of free ebooks. These include Kindle exclusives and old classics.

Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading:

These are Amazon’s subscription services for ebooks. Both are available on all Kindle devices and apps. Prime Reading comes bundled with Amazon Prime in India. Every month, Amazon puts a selection of books in Prime Reading. And Prime subscribers can download these ebooks for free.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that offers a wider range of ebooks. KU subscribers pay a monthly, 6-monthly or yearly fee. Once subscribed, they can download any ebook that’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited service. There’s a huge number of books available through KU. Readers can download and read any of them by just subscribing to KU.

So, we come back to the question. Is Kindle worth buying? And my unhesitating answer is, yes! Absolutely.

Kindle Tip: Did you know you can also read PDF on Kindle?  Click on the link for cool Kindle tips.

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  1. Thank you for this information. I have wondered if buying a Kindle was worth it. I was one of those people that loved paper books. This semester I purchased 3 paper books and was FORCED to purchase an eBook. I was upset because I highlight and make notes in my book. I am older (52) which also plays a role in my thought process. Your description of Kindle lets me know that this would be the best option for my eyes. Knowing I can hightlight and make notations brings me to the conclusion that… I am getting a Kindle.