Lemon Girl Begins Her Journey

Lemon Girl

The dream that I dreamed almost two years ago is now in the hands of the world. My second novel Lemon Girl is published and available in market as ebook and paperback.

Yes, Lemon Girl has begun her journey. Soon she will be flying out to bloggers, reviewers and readers to test her powers. The examination has been given. It’s time to await the results.

I hope the result will be good! Not just because its my book. But also because Lemon Girl is a protest against the rising crimes against women in India. And it is an assertion that a victim can’t be blamed as a culprit just because she is a woman. And this protest and assertion needs to be heard!

Since ages, women in most parts of the world are being forced to submit to cruelty. And often and again, even the blame of that cruelty is thrown on their head. This is disgusting! And that is why, I dedicate Lemon Girl to every girl and women who refuses to take this blame, who refuses to suffer the injustice in silence.

The Dedication (from Lemon Girl)

“In earlier times, Indian women suffered in the name of culture. Now it’s being done in the name of loss of culture. The one thing that hasn’t changed though is that the women are still being blamed for their own injuries. And they are still expected to submit to the blame, even if innocent, and sink into the ground.

I dedicate this book to every girl and woman who refused to take the blame for others’ faults. Who, even when trodden down, dared to stand up and create a new and better life for herself. I offer this book as a salute to such brave and determined ladies.”

Do check it out, friends! And I would love to hear what you think about Lemon Girl. 🙂

And also, if you could mention the book on your social networks, it will make the journey of my Lemon Girl a lot easier.

Thanks for your support!

Lemon Girl is available at: 



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Pothi.com (international shipping available)

If you’s like to review Lemon Girl, contact me at: write2jyoti@jyotiarora.com

7 thoughts on “Lemon Girl Begins Her Journey”

      1. The author must not herself say it is a must read. Congrats on writing your second novel. How many copies have you sold? What are the returns? Can writing such novels be a profession for livelihood?

        1. Yes, I understand what you are saying. But for an author it is tough to control excitement, especially in the first few days of the book appearing in print. I hope you’d excuse me for this 🙂 I’ll keep your advice in mind from now on.
          Thanks for the congratulations.
          The book has just begun its journey. Even the reviews by bloggers haven’t appeared yet. So I guess it’s too early to think about the sales figure.
          And can writing such novel be a profession for livelihood? I don’t know. I guess, writing romances is a better way to earn money.
          However, I do hope that Lemon Girl would sell well too. Although it is based on a serious social issue, I have tried to keep it balanced between poignancy and entertainment.

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    I know well that readers of Techn0Treats would be wondering at the long silence that this blog has assumed. Well, the reason why I haven’t been able to write any post for Techn0Treats is that my second novel just released. And I have been kept too busy in preparing for its arrival. And now, I need time to make way for it and spread the word about it.
    But I’ll be back with some real nice techno treat soon! Meanwhile, do check out my novel LEMON GIRL.

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