Chapter 3




It is the law of nature that the life that gets ripped away is not to be brought back. Why did you bother?

Your Lemon Girl was dead. She should have remained dead. For when dead people return to life, they can only raise fear and repulsion in the heart of the living ones.

We must all stick to our places. Living ones to life, dead ones to their graves, and people from previous birth to the dark alleys of forgetfulness.

Why didn’t you?

I lived but in a castle of sand that I had erected around me. It was my only shelter. You had no right to come and flood it away.

You had no right to trespass the boundary of my forgotten life. You had no right to come back, leaving the door behind you ajar. You stood staring at me there, in the pub, wanting me to look at you. But how could I have looked at you, Arsh, when the door that you had opened instantly started sucking in all the air around me? And me along with it. I died again the instant I saw you. The world around me started melting into my past, and my past sucked me reeling back to it.

But not to the life in which you had first seen me.

For between that life and this lies a hell.

And into this hell you forced me again.


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