Lettrs vs. Mirakee vs. YourQuote

There is nothing more cathartic then writing out your feelings. That is why people write diaries, keep journals, pour their heart out in verses. Not everyone has the time or patience to write books and blogs. But that must not stop people from writing at all. Even penning down two beautiful sentences can make your heart glad. So, if you want to write. Just write.

There are many online tools for writers that help and encourage people to write. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to three wonderful services that can showcase even your short pieces and scribbles. These services don’t just give you online spaces to publish your short writing pieces, they also inspire you to write more. And you can interact with your readers and other writers like you. There are several such apps and websites out there, I’m sure. But in this post, I’m going to talk about Lettrs, Mirakee, and YourQuote. All these services are multi-lingual and available through websites and apps. Let’s check them out one by one.

Lettrs review
Lettrs Composer with thumbnails of templates at the bottom

Apps to publish your poems and short writing pieces:

Lettrs review:

The Lettrs website and apps are designed to inspire people to write letters. These letters can be public letters or private letters. They can also be sent privately to the user’s Pen Pals on Lettrs. It provides beautiful templates and thematic stamps to make the letters visually pleasing. Vast number of templates in different colours and themes are available. You can also doodle on your letters and add your signature.

Perhaps the best thing about letters is that you’ll find many popular writers (like Paulo Coelho at PO# 155) and other famous personalities using it. You can follow them, read their letters and get inspired by them.

The homepage of the website and the apps showcases latest and popular publicly posted letters. It also showcases letters in popular categories like inspirational, love letters etc. You can follow the letter writers you like and like and comment on their letters, poems or other writing pieces. The writing challenges on Lettrs are great to inspire you to write more.

The one thing that I do not like in Lettrs is that the fonts are not customizable. You cannot change the font of the templates. And sometimes, the font and font colour used in a template can be hard to read and unsuitable for your piece.

I first tried Lettrs in 2014. But I stopped using it because of busy schedule. Now, when I’ve tried it again, I feel that the app was more popular earlier and the readers and writers on it were more active on it then. Its popularity seems to be dwindling now.  

Check out Lettrs at https://lettrs.com/

Mirakee review
Mirakee composor with text editing options and template thumbnails

Mirakee review:

Mirakee is a micro-blogging platform that provides writers space to write and showcase their poems and short writings. Launched in 2016, it is a newer service than Lettrs. However, it has gained quick popularity among amateur writers and poets. Mirakee awards various badges to the writers based upon their activity and popularity. The Feed page shows the writings of the users you have followed. You can also browse the writing using the Discover and Popular tabs. Users can like and comment upon posts and even repost them or share them on other social networks.

Like Lettrs, Mirakee too provides various templates for the background. Users can customize the fonts on these templates and change the position of the text as required. You can also upload your own background image.

Although Mirakee is available in several countries, it is an Indian app and most of its users are Indian. It can be used on website, and Android and iOS app. Out of these, Android app is most popular.

What I liked best about Mirakee is that you can save your writings as drafts and publish them later when you have completed them. If you choose, your name gets added under the text to protect your writing.

Check out Mirakee at https://www.mirakee.com

YourQuote review
YourQuote Composer with Wallpapers and Text tabs

YourQuote review:

YourQuote is a mobile-first microblogging platform encouraging and inspiring writers. It is very similar to Mirakee and is also an Indian app. YourQuote was founded in August 2016 by Harsh Snehanshu (a best-selling author) and Ashish Singh. It invites and encourages writers to share their short writings and poems.

Out of the three services mentioned in this post, YourQuote is my favourite. I joined it in December 2018. And since then, I’ve written more poems then I did in over a decade. I feel that YourQuote is better designed and has better user interface than Mirakee. While Mirakee’s notification panel only shows you that you have got likes and comments. YourQuote’s notification panel also shows you which of your posts has got those interactions. The text backgrounds or wallpapers available on YourQuote are more varied and more pleasing than those of Mirakee. They are divided in different sets like Romance, Broken Heart, Travel, Nature etc. Many fonts are available for use and the position of the text is customizable. YourQuote also allows users to upload their own images to use as text background.

Users can follow other writers and like and comment on their writings. The posts can also be easily shared on other social networks. In fact, if you share a YourQuote post on Instagram or Twitter from the YQ app, it automatically copies the post caption and you can easily paste this caption and hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

You can choose to add your name under your quote, thereby giving better protection to your writing. YourQuote posts are also Google searchable.

On YourQuote, you can also showcase your writing through audio or video posts.

But what I like best about YourQuote is the writing challenges it gives. There are Admin accounts on it like YQBaba, YQDidi, YQMuse that give frequent writing challenges to inspire you to write more.

While on Mirakee, you can save several drafts. YourQuote only saves the post you are currently working on in the text editor. You cannot save more than one draft.

Check out YourQuote at https://www.yourquote.in) and find my YQ posts @jy0tiar0ra or on Instagram @jy0tiar0ra

Mirakee vs. YourQuote vs. Lettrs

Lettrs gives you more space to write. And you can experience the joy of having Pen Pals from around the world. But the fonts used in its templates are not customizable. Also, the speed and performance of its app somehow lags behind Mirakee and YourQuote apps. It sometimes crashes, refuses to open the profile page etc. I don’t know if the problem is only in my phone, or other users are experiencing it too. The Lettrs website gives no problem though. The writing challenges on Lettrs can work wonderfully to inspire your creativity. On Lettrs, you can connect with people from around the world, including many famous people and writers.  

Mirakee and YourQuote are very similar. But I feel that YourQuote has an edge over Mirakee. It has better user interface, more pleasing and regularly updated wallpapers and inspiring writing challenges. Mirakee is great to share what you have written. But YourQuote makes you write more. And the picture quotes it creates look great when shared on Instagram, Pinterest etc. Also, it makes your picture quotes Google searchable!

So, which of these three services should you use?

Lettrs: Use Lettrs if you write long poems or prose over several paragraphs long. And also if you are interested in having pen pals, connecting with writers from around the world or following writings of famous personalities

Mirakee: Use Mirakee if you want to only share your short writing pieces and don’t want the noise of frequent writing challenges. Its ability to save several drafts is its plus point too.

YourQuote: Use YourQuote to fire up your creativity and to design beautiful picture quotes that are Google searchable. Also if you want to share your writing through audio or video quotes.

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