LG India’s Blood Donation Drive & why it matters.

Today is 8th of May, and this day is celebrated as the International Thalassemia Day. Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder affecting red blood cells. The Thalassemia patients need to take regular blood transfusions all through their life. They survive on donated blood.

Besides Thalassemia, there are several other disorders like Haempphilia, Sickle Cell Anemia etc. in which patient’s life depends on donated blood. And of course, situations like operations, accidents, also pose an urgent need of donated blood.

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The trouble is that in India, the supply of safe blood is too little compared to the demand. So, people have to resort to buying blood of paid donors, which might lead to several serious health risks. The thing about blood is that when a person needs it, it’s always an urgent need. It’s always a matter of life and death. Yet, there’s no way available to mass-produce the blood in factories. Voluntary blood donation is the only way to provide safe blood to patients.

Therefore, when I heard about LG Electronics India holding a blood donation drive to celebrate their 22nd anniversary, I fully applauded the idea.

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As per LG India’s #bondwithnation campaign, LG will organize a mega blood donation drive across 47 cities, on Saturday, May 11, 2019. This CSR initiative will be led in association with the National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Govt. of India). And organizations like Army Command hospitals, Red Cross Society of India, Rotary Club and Government hospitals will be the blood bank partners for this initiative. So, on 11th May, 2019, you can visit the camps set up by these organizations’ to donate blood.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Umesh Dhal, Director & Chief Relationship Officer-LG Electronics India said, “The most valuable gift a human can give to another is Blood. We can create blood relation with other fellow citizens and build strong bond with nation, this gesture will make us proud life saviors. This can bring real strength to our nation”

Besides holding blood donation camps, LG will also use various media channels to spread awareness about blood donation. Which is great because even now too few Indians go for voluntary blood donation. And very few people know that regular blood donation is actually a healthy habit, and one blood donation can save lives of three people together!

Donate blood, save three lives

Check out these 12 reasons why you should donate blood.

Not everyone can be a sports star, movie star, or a soldier. But by donating blood, anyone can save lives and be a hero. Donating blood regularly will help you stay healthy too. So, donate blood and be a hero.

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