Why I love technology

Those who know me also know that I love technology. I love trying out the latest in technology and talking about it. That is the reason why I started my blog technotreats.com. It is thanks to computer and internet that I am today a published novelist and a successful blogger. Being forced into a very home-bound life because of Thalassemia, my scope of having a career was very limited. But the computer and internet opened up a whole new vista for me. And I am glad that I was able to grasp their magic and take advantage of them. That is why I love technology so much and consider it a great tool that can do wonders for those who know how to use it.

So far, I was sharing my love for technology only through my blog TechnoTreats. But today, I found even my life story being used as a promotion for it! I knew a feature article about me was to appear in Dainik Jagran. But this was quite a surprise!


Jyoti Arora featured on Dainik Jagran (15 July, 2016)
Jyoti Arora featured on Dainik Jagran (15 July, 2016)

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