Malala Yousafzai’s Address to the UN

The world is full of good, and the world is full of evil. What we see, and how we respond to it depends entirely on our perspective. Some see only the evil in the world, shake their head and say nothing can be done. Some focus on only the good in their world and don’t even feel the need for any improvement. A few there are though who see the evil, and aim for good, striving to find ways to make this world a better place, for everyone. And it is from this very limited group of people that great leaders are born. And it does not matter whether they be of sixty years of age, or just sixteen. All that matters is an indomitable spirit, and the desire to make a difference and bring about the good that one sees lacking.

God has given most of us the power of speech. But only few are so blessed by Him to be able to use this power in a way that it feels as if the Almighty Himself is speaking in their uplifted voices. That’s just how I felt when I heard Malala Yousafzai speaking to the UN and boldly, yet humbly, demanding one thing, one simple thing. Education for all. Any other alternative is unacceptable.

Here’s the video of her full speech in case you missed it in the clutter of what Mr. Narendra Modi called whom and how many words and voices were flung about then in protest or defense: Hear this now, for this is the voice of the future.

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