Pink or Lemon, the truth remains the same

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Most movies are made for fun and entertainment. Sometimes though, there comes a movie that resonates with realities and shouts at you to open your mind. Pink is one such movie, I think. A movie with a much needed message.

A few days ago, a promo campaign was carried out for the movie Pink. It asked, ‘Do clothes define character?’

The question made me ponder. I am the author of Lemon Girl, the book that boldly asserts that a victim can’t be treated as a culprit just because she’s a woman or because her clothes or lifestyle does not conform to conventional norms.

Lemon Girl novel

Keeping this in mind, you’d think my answer would be No.

But my answer is Yes. Clothes do define character. Why else would authors pay so much attention to clothes while describing a character? Since ages, writers all over the world have been using clothes, mannerism and lifestyle to describe the characters in their books. Clothes do express our character or personality. Because our character dictates our dress and lifestyle.



Even if a woman defies the ‘cultural norms,’ even if she wears short clothes, drinks wine, stays out late, even if she does not consider pre-marital physical relationship a sin, that does not mean others have a right to abuse her.

Clothes, manners and lifestyle cannot and must not be taken as invitation, permission or justification for a crime. If a person goes out wearing a heavy gold chain, do we think that the robbers have a right to rob him or her? Crime is crime, be it robbery or rape.

And No is No. It is not ‘Ok’. It is not ‘Maybe’. Certainly not ‘Doesn’t Matter’.

NO is NO. Respect that.


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4 thoughts on “Pink or Lemon, the truth remains the same”

  1. I am a total pink advocate and after seeing the movie I am pretty sure the movie would have done good even without AB , however to get the masses see it AB Did a good job. Otherwise it would have remained a movie of intelligentsia like u and me.. but the idea needs to go to masses.

  2. I’ve yet to see it, but have heard rave reviews. I only wish it wasn’t a male advocate they needed – or would that have been too feminist? Or perhaps they needed the vocals & glamour of AB to sell itself to audience?

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