Rediscovering the Diamond Comics

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I don’t know why, but since the past several days, I’ve caught myself lost in my childhood quite often. Maybe, with both my sisters married now, I too am suffering from empty nest syndrome and thus preferring to spend time when the nest wasn’t quite so empty πŸ™

But hey, today is Children’s Day. And today, I have full excuse to look back at my childhood and revel once again in the little delights that made life so lively at that time. It’s awesome how even little, inconsequential things can gain so much in delight, if not in importance, when viewed from the harsher terrain of adulthood.

But maybe, everything really was more delightful then, perhaps because it was all new and fresh.

Novelty is always exciting. And for a child, the world is full of novelty, and thus excitement. The first taste of a new toffee is exciting. The first sight of a new flower is exciting. The first discovery of a rainbow in a puddle, the first understanding of the moon’s flight across the sky, the first chase of a butterfly’s flight…yeah, so many firsts, so many new and fresh wonders to discover and understand and share with parents, sibling, and friends. No wonder stars glimmer in children’s eyes.

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Anyway, there’s a special reason why I was taken back to the time past today. To the time when my sister and I discovered the wonders called comics. Diamond Comics, to be precise. And to our friends list were added the wonderful personalities of Chacha Choudhary, Sabu, Billu, Pinki, and Motu Patlu. My parents encouraged us to read Champak and Nandan. But we loved the world of comics more.

And happily, there was a comics rental shop just five minutes’ walk away from home. And all the comic wallah required was 1 rupee as security money and, I think, fifty paise as rent per comic.

My mother used to give one rupee to my sister every evening. Half of it was my share, of course. We used this, our treasure, in two ways. Fifty paise were spent in renting a comic, and fifty paise to buy toffees, or more often, the beautifully fragrant Priya Supari from Uncle John’s shop.

Well, Uncle John’s shop is still at its place, but Uncle John isn’t there anymore. The comic rental shop is gone too. And suparees don’t taste as good now as they used to at that time when my mother always scolded us for eating them.

But guess what I discovered, or rather, rediscovered today? Diamond Comics, available online, and available for free! Oh yeah, here come back my childhood mates again. Chacha Choudhary with his amazing wit, Sabu with his amazing strength, Billy, Pinki, and all.

And how did this wonderful thing happen? Well, how are things found and discovered these days? Through Facebook and Google, of course.

One friend shared a cartoon sketch on Facebook that reminded me of the Patlu of Motu Patlu comics. I wondered whether these are still published. Well, I googled and stumbled right into And here I found several of my old friends just waiting to give me a good time again.

So hey, time to spend some time with them. You go ahead and take a look too. Maybe you’ll re-discover some of your old friends as well.

Happy Children’s Day to you! And a very happy Children’s Day to me!

UPDATE: Seems like pyaretoons is no longer in operation. You can check out for to read Hindi comics books online free.

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6 thoughts on “Rediscovering the Diamond Comics”

  1. What an amazing C Day post! I have personally never read comics… I don’t remember reading even one, I used to read a lot of Champak and Chandamama though, before moving to Blyton’s world of scones and lighthouses. Childhood days were such fun. πŸ™

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