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Saregama Carvaan Mini review

If you watch TV, you might have seen an advertisement about Saregama Carvaan. This mighty packet of music also features heavily in the movie 102 Not Out. Saregama Carvaan is like a library of music. It carries 5000 songs of Bollywood legends. You just press a button and the golden melodies of olden years start playing.

Saregama Carvaan Mini:

While Saregama Carvaan is a bit expensive (above Rs. 5000), a cheaper variant called Carvaan Mini is also available. The older version of Carvaan Mini can be bought for less than Rs. 1500 at some online retailers. Of course, the price rises if you go for a set with more songs or AM/FM Radio. Carvaan Mini does not have a huge selection of songs like the more expensive and bigger Carvaan. It is just a portable music player with 250-350 old songs stored in it. The selection of these songs is excellent. If you are fond of old Bollywood songs, you’ll find many of them in Carvaan Mini. Plus, its more affordable pricing makes it an excellent gifting option.


Appearances matter, of course. Beauty is one prejudice that we will never be free of. When it comes to apearance, Carvaan Mini can be called cute. It is a light-weight device, comfortable to hold in hand or to carry in a bag. It has the word ‘LEGENDS’ inscribed on its front under pictures of five of Bollywood’s legendary singer. The image of our singing legends on it gives it a very special feel. The music and volume control buttons are on its top, the music source or Modes selection buttons are on the left side, and the ports are at its back.

The model I have has Ocean Green colour with Red sides. It looks unique and cute. Its small size makes it easy to carry or place anywhere.

Saregama Carvaan Mini songs

Music Controls:

In the Carvaan Mini model that I have (Model No. SCM01), there are 6 non-protruding buttons on the top. These are the Power Key (needs to be pressed for 3 seconds for switching the device on or off), the volume up and down keys, the Play/Pause key and the song back and forward keys. If you press the Back and Forward key for 3 seconds, you can jump the song queue by 10 songs. The User Manual provided has a list of songs loaded on the device. This can prove handy in choosing the songs you want to listen to.

Music Modes:

The music modes buttons are on the left side. They are non-protruding buttons too. The music modes available in the Carvaan Mini (SCM01) are Saregama, USB and Bluetooth. In the Saregama mode, you can listen to the old songs stored on the device. In USB Mode, you can listen to songs stored on your pendrive. By using the Bluetooth option, you can connect the Carvaan Mini to your smartphone, Smart TV etc. to use it as a speaker. An Aux. cable can also be connected to this device to enable listening through headsets. The ports for the Aux in, USB and charging cable are given at the back.

Saregama Carvaan Mini features

Voice Quality:

The most important thing about a speaker is the voice quality it delivers. Carvaan Mini delivers a simple and soothing sound quality. There’s no pulsating high Base or Woofer. The volume is just high enough to fill the room, but not loud enough to vibrate the windows. It is a portable speaker. The sound quality, at best, can be called decent. But nothing compared to bluetooth speakers by brands like Bose, JBL etc.


Saregama Carevaan Mini has a chargeable battery that delivers music playback for 4 to 5 hours. It takes about 2 hours to get fully charged. For charging, a USB cable is provided in the box. Alternatively, any smartphone charger with a USB charging cable can be used.

Saregama Carvaan Mini

Saregama Carvaan Mini Review:

The bigger models of Carvaan devices are like a library of old songs. They have a huge collection of Bollywood classics. But the Carvaan Mini is primarily a portable bluetooth speaker. A bluetooth speaker with some songs loaded on it. Unless you buy the newer and more expensive version that also has AM/FM Radio. Some variants also have AM/FM radio feature, but they are more expensive. A Carvaan Mini speaker can be connected with smartphones and media devices. It is light-weight and looks cute. It is simple to use and can make an excellent gifting option for elderly people. People who love old Bollywood songs will also enjoy it. However, youngsters who use online media streaming services like Amazon Music, Saavn etc. will not find it much useful.

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