#Shortstory: Freed by Love

My first novel Dream’s Sake talks about the fears and prejudices of people with disabilities. My second novel Lemon Girl talks about the effects of sexual abuse and victim-blaming mentality. Both the novels have very beautiful and heart-touching love stories. But both are serious in nature.

Since past some days, I had been itching to try my hand at something lighter and happier. A simple, unabashed formula romance. Well, you guessed right. I have done it. My first genre Romance short story FREED BY LOVE is ready! I had fun writing it and I hope you’d have fun reading it.

I have published it on WattpadSo I can’t put it in text here as Google may not like it. If you are registered at Wattpad, you can read Freed by Love on WattpadIf not, just click on the image below and download its PDF file.

Do let me know what you think of my first attempt at formula romance!

Freed By Love shortstory-min

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