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I love listening to and watching old Bollywood songs. Often, when I see a song in which the heroine is decked in some fancy traditional dress, I think to myself, ‘How cool that dress is!’ To me, the Indian ethnic dresses look more interesting than the western wear. They might not be as comfortable as a jeans and t-shirt, but their vibrancy looks far more fun to me.


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I’m not against western styles. Far from it! And I’m not dictating or commenting upon anyone’s dressing style. I’m just saying that I find the clothes I see in old Bollywood movies more interesting than the designer western dresses of modern Bollywood.

I think, I’m not alone in feeling so. No matter how modern we get, our Indian soul continues to adore our Indian ethnic style and traditional fine dressing. That’s why most of us choose to go ‘desi’ on special occasions and celebrations like a wedding in the family.

The best thing about Indian ethnic style is the huge variety it offers. Different places in India have their own unique specialty. From Bengal’s Kantha embroidery to Gujarat’s Patola saree and Rajasthan’s awesome bandhani work… the variety is endless. Same with handicrafts items. Every state of India produces its own special kind of handicrafts.

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These embroidery works, handloom items and handicraft items may just be fashion or decoration to us. But they are livelihood to numerous artisans spread around India. People whose families have been engaged in these arts since ages. People who spend hours every day working out magic on a piece of cloth, wood, rock, metal and so on.

Earlier, it was not easy to find all these items accessible at one place. But now, internet has made it easy. Thanks to websites like Craftsvilla, clothes and handicraft products from the distant corners of India can be bought from the comfort of our home.

Craftsvilla is an ecommerce portal dedicated to ethnic style and hand-crafted products of India. As its tagline claims, it is India’s largest online ethnic store. It sells “Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India.” Craftsvilla acts like a bridge between local artisans and global customers. From comfortable casual wear like kurtis, salwar suits to really dressy ethnic wear, you can get it all at Craftsvilla. And for those of us who love fusion wear, there’s plenty of that available too, including gowns and short dresses, all with hand-crafted magic of Indian artisans.

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I first came to know of Craftsvilla when I saw my elder sister browsing through it for some red sarees. Since then, it has become one of my favourite places to shop for desi style. Craftsvilla is totally desi at heart. And it clearly shows how much fun ethnic Indian styles can be.

Craftsvilla also showcases clothes and accessories for men. Various kinds of bags, watches and other accessories for women are also available. But Craftsvilla is not just about ethnic fashion. It also showcases various kinds of handicraft items, home décor items like curtains, lamps, trendy cushions, kitchen accessories, hand crafted photo frames, bedsheets, tableware and more. Various kinds of herbal products are also available here. In short, perfect place to go for a total desi fix.

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All this vast variety of Indian ethnic products is available in a pleasantly designed and easy to navigate website and apps. And through these website and apps, Craftsvilla is rising as an excellent showcase of Indian ethnic style and handicrafts, making them easily available across the globe.

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