Must Buy Five Things To Beat This Summer


(Guest Post)

Summer is indeed a tough time to survive, especially when you have a sensitive skin. You are likely to get rashes, itching and other issues related to your skin due to the over heat, exposure to dust, etc. One must be indeed very careful about how you pamper your body especially your skin and your hair if you want to beat the summer in the most beautiful way.

So, how can you feel good in this scorching heat of the summer? Well, some things do help us to fight the heat including some cooling products that can be applied on your skin while you are home. Meanwhile, let us have a look at a must buy five things to beat the summer.


Now there is nothing to explain on why you need this product during the summer. It is to be noted that the temperature for this year has risen so much drastically that one cannot survive the heat without a cooler or an AC. It is not a luxury anymore but has now become an essential during the summer. Buy any branded cooler or AC at the most available rate from online stores. You can check out for Snapdeal, which has some good offers as well for their electronic products. You can buy Symphony Hi-Cool coolers which are sure to be a great deal

Prickly Heat Powder

Now this is one such product that you cannot devoid off during the hot season. Prickly heat powder soothes your skin, fights the rashes, and makes you feel cool and relaxed. Various brands sell these powders, and they are definitely in high demand to prevent itching and burns that affect your skin during summer. Buy it online and carry it with you this summer to fight the heat and rashes. It is good if you get them in bulk at the lowest possible rates. Check out Shopclues for the same.


Well, you will be wondering why Umbrella is also included as must buy in the list. The fact is that most of us forget to use the Umbrella when we are out in the sun. Carry UV ray protected coating umbrellas that can save you from the heat. You buy umbrellas at low rates online.

Sunscreen lotion

Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays is very much important. One best solution to keep your skin protected is applying sunscreen lotion. You will get a lot of brands that claim of giving the maximum protection against the UV rays. Popular brands like Lakme, Lotus, Bio Care, etc give protection against these harmful rays. They all undoubtedly protect your skin. Carry it with you always in the summer season.

Now buy sunscreen lotion from any brand you like via online. Buy it from Jabong.

Cotton Fabrics

One should wear only the summer friendly fabrics so that you do not feel irritation. Prefer wearing cotton during the summer season as it is one of the friendliest fabric for the heat. It helps you feel cool and doesn’t create rashes on your skin as well. Wear cotton kurtis, sarees, suits and pajamas when you move out rather than wearing denim, chiffon and georgette fabrics that will rub against your skin to create rashes. Try Limeroad for amazing cotton kurtis as the store is now having amazing deals.

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