Short Verse

Peer Not into The Depths


the masks we wear

Peer not into the depths of a heart

If you can’t accept what you see .

Throw not a pebble in calm waters.

Because sometimes, the ripples that rise

may never cease to be.

If you are wondering what occasioned these two short verses, then here is the reason. I was browsing through the pages of Lemon Girl, and got caught in this:

The Ganges is happy today,’ said Mr. Giri, after having contemplated the rippling waters for full five minutes.

‘How do you know?’ I asked, sitting down on a Banyan root breaking out from the ground.

‘I just know,’ he replied.

‘I suppose it’s the weather, bright and clear. It was a beautiful day,’ I said. ‘And the evening too is lovely,’ I added, remembering his special fondness for sunrises and sunsets.

‘And the waters are reflecting it,’ he said.

‘Yes, at the surface at least,’ I thought.

Down below, there must still be darkness. There always is. Steady, permanent, and unaffected by the passing seasons of the world. Those are dangerous regions, the depths. Regions of insurmountable darkness, of ancient lurking monsters, and undying ruins.

Just like in a heart.

The surface ripples and sings, and is painted by the myriad shades of the world, brightening and darkening with the time. Nothing is permanent here. Still, it’s best to be here, to float on the surface. It’s easier to survive here, it’s easier to get painted with the colours of the world, if one’s own colours be not of a happy shade. Better to forget the regions below. Don’t think of them. Don’t peek below the surface. Because if you do, you may never come up again.


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