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The gloom shall pass, but hold on to the lessons

COVID-19 is threatening the entire world. Fear and uncertainty surround us. The gloom spreading over the world is mighty. But no matter how dark the cloud, it cannot extinguish the sun. It is a hard time. But it will pass. The gloom will pass. And our sun will smile again.

We are living through days that we could never have even imagined. With country after country going under lockdown, life seems to have become still. And death is dancing over the world. It is an unprecedented time. The entire world is facing one problem together, and this problem can only be solved by keeping people apart!

what really matters in life

As gloomy as these days are, they are not without some valuable lessons:

  • We thought ourselves mighty. We thought we ruled the world. But one tiny virus has shown how powerless we humans are against nature. We abused nature for long. But with one stroke, nature has proved she can reclaim the world anytime she wants.
  • Locked within our homes, we now know how little we really need to live. And how many simple yet precious pleasures we can find within our house!
  • Caught in the race of life and hunger for money, we often neglected our health and family. But COVID-19 showed us that nothing else matters more! There is no bigger blessing than good health and a loving family,
  • Having to wait at home and make do with what we have, we are learning the wholesome taste of patience and contentment.
  • And we can see that even in the darkest hour, some people won’t leave their selfishness. Yet, there’s more goodness than evil in the world. And when the need comes, people rise to help each other and sacrifice for the common good.

Each one of us is experiencing this pandemic and lockdown in our own way. Many of us are also facing hunger and destitution. Even when the pandemic is over, there will be hardships in store for many years to come. But even then, I hope we would remember the lessons we are learning now. And that we shall be grateful for having survived, and thankful to those who fought the battle to help us survive.

But right now, we need to help our Corona Warriors by not making their battle harder than it is. All we need to do is follow their advice and take care of ourselves. So:

  • Stay indoors.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Stay positive.
  • Relax and stay calm.
  • Social distancing does not mean social disconnect. Stay in touch with your family and friends. 
  • Use the time to revive old bonds. 
  • Indulge in your hobby, or learn some new skills. Keep yourself engaged.
  • And read books! There’s no restriction in downloading eBooks even in a lockdown 🙂

May you and your family stay strong and healthy.

Take care of yourself!

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