When Two Magics Combine

Words can possess a shadow invincible enough to rob even the soul of its eternity,” I wrote in my novel Lemon Girl. Words that need no more than a breath of air or a drop of ink to come into being can create an impression that lasts for ever. And their power is such that one sentence can win or lose true love, one word can alter history, one syllabus can change destiny.

And when beautiful and meaningful words are strung together in a beautiful way, they create literature. Literature which drives one of the most popular hobbies in the world. That is, reading. Some might call reading boring. But to those who have received the blessing of falling in love with a book, there’s no escape from it.

There is another hobby that is even more popular. In fact, I think I won’t be wrong if I call it the most popular hobby or interest. It is listening to music. Music in itself is such a powerful magic. More powerful in affecting your emotions that any mood altering drug. One magical guitar performance can give goosebumps, a rendering of a symphony can make your soul feel elevated. A song in a soulful voice can fill your eyes with tears. Or dreams! It’s just magical.

Wonder of Music

And when these two magics combine, when beautiful words get wedded to beautiful music, the result is melodies that feel like walking thorough rustling silk under the romance of glimmering moonlight.

Our dear Bollywood has given us numerous such silken melodies that are capable of transcending the barriers of time and transporting the listener into realms of dreams. However, if I go by current chartbusters, it seems that it’s the head-banging, feet stomping, foul mouthed songs that are getting more popular now.

But I have an old soul. Give me songs of Jagjeet Singh, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshakar or Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and such eternal musical stars. Hand me a good book. And leave me alone to enjoy my Paradise.

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