Witnessing the LG #KarSalaam Guinness World Record

I would probably never win any world record. I probably won’t even try for it. But today, I at least got to witness the announcement of a Guinness World Record! And I’m pretty happy with just that 🙂

The world record I witnessed has been achieved by LG for arranging the “Longest Line of Sticky Notes” containing wishes. These sticky notes contain messages of gratitude and good wishes written by people across India as a salute to Indian armed forces.

Actually, LG had started the #KarSalaam initiative to celebrate India’s Republic Day this year (2017). As part of this initiative, LG invited all Indians to send their messages for the Indian soldiers. These messages could be posted at LG’s website and social networks.

LG Guinness record

Besides these, LG also ran the campaign to collect messages from Indians visiting various LG stores and places like malls, schools, etc. It’s no secret that we Indians love our armed forces. When LG gave the opportunity, we poured out our salutes for our brave soldiers in a large number. In fact, 114741 messages were gathered. It’s these messages handwritten on sticky notes that won LG the unique world record.

longest line of sticky notes

And it gave me the opportunity to witness a world record in the making. Being a technology blogger and having covered the #KarSalaam initiative on my TechnoTreats, I was invited to witness the event. It was great fun. Rows upon rows of sticky notes lay arranged. You could read the messages written on them. Some of them even had doodles featuring Indian flag etc. Some were written in beautiful handwriting, some were barely readable. But readable or not, they all expressed the sentiment of gratitude towards our armed forces.

Novelist Jyoti Arora

Here’s congratulating LG for the amazing achievement. And here’s wishing that our faith and pride in our armed forces never fade. And may we continue to appreciate the sacrifices made and hardships faced by our soldiers to keep us safe.

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