Writer’s Travails (my article on cupidspeaks)

‘Writer’s life is easy. All you have to do is sit in your room and type,’ one of my friends said to me recently. He was unhappy as he had to travel for two hours just to reach his office. The bitter cold of weather made him feel bitterly cold towards all who could work from under the comfort of their warm quilt. ‘You can stare at the computer all day and still call your day productive if you manage one paragraph by evening. You have it so easy,’ he added.

‘No, dude, not so easy as you may think,’ I wanted to tell him. But I didn’t. It would have been no use. After all, only a writer can understand a writer’s travails. Only a writer can understand a writer’s frustrations and fears…

Read more at: http://cupidspeaks.com/writers-travails/

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