Zindagi Rocks!

Just today, I was watching Noorpur Ki Rani on Zee’s new Zindagi channel. Well, first of all, this is a show that is very obviously inspired by the famous book Anne of Green Gables. No harm in that, of course, since it is a great book and I won’t mind watching a movie or a TV show even totally based on it.

But anyway, Noorpur Ki Rani is only partially inspired from this book, and has a lot more woven into its storyline. And my, how that story line completely turned on its head in just one episode today! Brilliant, simply brilliant, even if a little forced. But that might be because these shows are set at such a rapid pace that the development of situations do sometimes feel a bit forced.

But I must prefer that to the placid monotony that has become much too prevalent in Indian TV shows. Most of our television shows are so paced that even if you miss watching them for a whole week, the story doesn’t seem to move further than the fall of heroine’s tears from her overly made-up eyes to her overly painted cheeks. But not so the case with the shows currently being aired at Zindagi channel. Because till now, even if I miss one episode of a show on it, I feel as if I have missed much of the story and some very vital information needed for the proper comprehension of the rest of the plot. How refreshing!

Although, I did wish the show Aun Zara (based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel Hisaar-e-Muhabbat), could have lasted a little longer. It was too good to be allowed to end so soon! Even the character of dadi in it was so much fun to watch. And not just because she always reminded me of my own maternal grandmother who, being a Multani, also used to speak in almost the same way.

But why am I writing about TV shows here, you might wonder. No, I have not been paid to do so, in anyway. It’s just that, after a long long while, it’s such a delight to find strong story line and brilliant writing in shows on an Indian channel, even though through shows imported from across the border. Shows on Zindagi channel are such a breath of fresh air compared to the long-drawn, over-adorned and utterly illogical staleness of current Indian TV serials.

let’s hope our own TV show producers would learn a lesson now and let us have at least a little bit of logic in our shows, and fewer deluges of tears, lesser load of jewelry, less focus on outfits and more on story line please, if possible! Because otherwise, our tear-jerkers are becoming comedies and our comedies are giving us tears of frustration!

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