Indian Author & Blogger

I’m Jyoti Arora, by name.

An Indian woman, by birth.

Author of three novels, by lot of hard work.

An admirer of nature, by instinct.

A worshiper of books, irrevocably enchanted by them.

fan of technology, and slave of it.

I trust in the Almighty, and in my own will,

I love old books, movies and music, I think I have an old soul,

I love the latest technology, I have the modern habits and handicaps!

I’m traditional, I still believe in things like respect of elders

I’m modern, I don’t believe in mindless following of ageold dogmas

I am me, I’m proud of myself, and hopeful for myself,

A tippler leaning against the sun of her dreams, and striving on.

That is all.