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This blog is about all the technological treats that I come across and like, and I describe them in simple language. Posts include descriptions or reviews of websites, apps, and gadgets. Click on the picture above to visit it in a new window.

I write what I feel about the techno treats that I try, and write as I feel, even if that makes my posts a bit informal as compared to other technology blogs.


Headphones India

Headphones India

Headphones India is my new blog with information and reviews about latest headphones, earphones, earbuds, and bluetooth speaker. Check it out to find out how to select the best personal audio device for your listening pleasure.


golden-stp (Golden-Smiles-n-Tears-of-Poetry)

The bright n’ sweet, the fresh and cheerful,

the sad n’ grieved, the pained and the hopeful,

varied as life, oh! so magical,so mystical,

as true as God, beautiful and wonderful,

come dear friend, come, let us together see

the golden smiles and tears of poetry!

A cheery hello to whoever visits this blog.

I love poetry. And that’s exactly what this blog has. All the poems that I read, have read, and fallen in love with.

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