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4 thoughts on “Jyoti would love to hear from you!”

  1. Hi, very happy to know about such kind of help you introduced for us. It is all your efforts for us.
    I was waiting quit long time for such kind of help. My daughter age now 14 years.
    can BMT is possible for me also.
    please do it for me


    1. Hello, sir,
      I’m sorry to know about your daughter and I hope she’d be better soon and have a healthy and happy life. For any help, please contact the numbers given at https://jyotiarora.com/thalassemia/. I won’t be able to help with regards to BMT. I am just a Thalassemia patient. I shared the info about Thalassemia on my website to spread awareness.


  2. my frnd rama verma his son is thelesimia pesent & she also saitica. and she is wido or
    more strugling story his life if u do something for us so plz. i also do but i am not able to proper doing for us.

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