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#JustRomance, by Jyoti Arora

Luxury adds glamour to romances, danger adds thrill. But it is real emotions that turn love magical. And when love casts its magic, even ordinary people can have extraordinary love stories.

It is seven such delicious and relatable Indian romances that this book brings to you. If you are in love with love, then these beautiful romances are a must-read for you!

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You Came Like Hope

You Came Like Hope - Jyoti Arora

The entertaining and heart-warming love story of You Came Like Hope takes you on a roller coaster of emotions as it uncovers some bitter truths, challenges widespread prejudices, and forces you to reconsider your beliefs. A must-read for those who enjoy romances that leave them with something to think about.

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Lemon Girl

Lemon Girl - Jyoti Arora

Featured on Ezvid’s wiki list of “9 well-written books that put women front and center.”

Lemon Girl is an entertaining and thought-provoking story of an abuse victim’s journey to self-recovery and self-realization. A book that has won the love of readers and critics alike, Lemon Girl has been universally applauded for its heart-warming love story, hard-hitting theme, tight plot, and the writing style.

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Dream’s Sake

Dream's Sake - Jyoti Arora

Dream’s Sake is an intense and gripping novel telling the story of dreams, of friendship, and of love, all of these gasping and struggling under a heavy burden of past traumas, personal doubts, fears and insecurities, and social prejudices. With four young hearts battling with dreams and desires and two love stories tugging at your heart, Dream’s Sake shows how love can win even when all else is lost.

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