#CoverReveal: You Came Like Hope. A novel to warm your heart & shake your prejudices

Another book is ready.

Another dream is eager to take flight.

With lot of pride,

many hopeful dreams,

and some fears,

here I present another piece of my heart,

my third novel


You Came Like Hope - novel by Indian Author Jyoti Arora

Blurb of You Came Like Hope


“I heard them mourn my death. I lay in the next room. Motionless, silent, and staring at the ceiling.”


“When it comes to a broken person, some of them are expert at blinding you. Spend an entire evening with such a person, but you may still not know how he is crushing inside.”


“Who would say no to him? He is smart, intelligent, super handsome, rich, suave and sophisticated. He’s perfect!”


“Pooja gave no explanation. She asked no forgiveness. She just arrived in his home, resenting him for being her husband.”


“He had smiled as if nothing was wrong.

He had behaved as if he still had his dreams and hopes.

He had pretended as if it didn’t hurt.

But it did.”

Does Destiny hold the key to our happiness?

Is it always the feeble that is the victim?

Love can be the embrace of heaven. But what happens when it unleashes hellfire?

Lose yourself in the intense narrative of You Came Like Hope as it unleashes a rollercoaster of emotions, uncovers some bitter truths, challenges widespread prejudices, and forces you to reconsider your beliefs.


You Came Like Hope is releasing on

23rd November, 2017.

But its ebook is already available for pre-order.

Take advantage of the pre-order special price and check it out now at:

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