I Am ‘Honor’ed!

Winning Huawei Honor 6

It was just last month when I told myself that as I am planning to bring out my second novel soon, I should concentrate more on my book and less on gadgets. And I very sincerely tried to stay away from my tech. blog Techn0Treats. But what to do, within a few days I was pulled again to it by the launch of several new devices. And once again, I find myself spending more time on my Techn0Treats and less on my book.

And yet, it is proving rewarding too, and in more ways than one. After all, it was only because of my blog Techn0treats that i got such a pleasant surprise recently!

Actually, on 29th September, Huawei launched 4 new devices in India. All these four devices belong to Huawei’s latest Honor series and come with the assurance of good looks and swift and smooth performance. Being a tech. blogger, I had the opportunity to attend that launch event. And it was quite a fun launch event too.

At that launch event, Huawei hosted a lucky draw contest. The prize to be won through this lucky draw contest was a cricket bat adorned with the autographs of team Royal Challengers Bangalore, and also five RCB jerseys. As each prize was declared, and my name didn’t feature among the lucky winners, I did feel a little disappointed. But then I told myself, “Big deal, I have never yet won a lucky draw anyway. And I probably never will!”

But then, the biggest prize of all was yet to be won, and not through a lucky dip but through a quiz contest. The members of the media present at the event were asked some questions in really a rapid fire way. And we were expected to tweet the correct answers, as quickly as possible. Well, I almost didn’t try for that because by then I had decided that I was not going to win any of the prizes.

But then, I never like giving up anything without attempting it with at least one sincere try. So I tried. And I won! And became the proud honour of the flagship device of the Honor series. yes, the Huawei Honor 6 smartphone!

Huawei Honor 6
Huawei Honor 6

(To know more about Honor 6 and other devices of Honor series, you can check out my post on Techn0Treats.) I can’t even put it in words what a surprise it was when I heard my name announced. And when i climbed up the stage to receive my prize, I felt almost too dazed to really know what I was doing. All I knew was that I was really happy and super excited.

All those who know me personally, know it well that I love gadgets. It is my love of technology, and not any training or monetary interest, that turned me into a tech blogger. And so you can well imagine the joy I am feeling as I play with my new smartphone.

Well, a tiny voice in my head is still saying that I should concentrate on my novel.

And sure I will.

From tomorrow.


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