If you want my vote

If you think that the comedy shows on Indian television arn’t funny enough, here’s an idea – watch the news! News on most of the channels is funny anyway, but during election campaign season, it becomes hilarious, thanks to the antics of our dear politicians. Their viewpoints change with the turn of the tide, they acquire a super marvelous power (though imaginary mostly) of putting an end to all problems at once and acquire a magical generosity towards every soul caught between the region of their vote banks. Anything to convince the voter to cast the vote in their favour.
Well, to all of them vying for my vote, I’d like to say this:
IF you want our vote…

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4 thoughts on “If you want my vote”

  1. Nice view and post.Its time to ask them what we want, what we deserve. Since we stopped asking, they started concealing. Things are about to change, perhaps slowly, but certainly…

    1. Thanks for your appreciative comment. I’m glad you liked the post. And you are so right, things will surely change, and the beginning of that change would have to come from the change in attitude of us, the Aam Junta.

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