How to Write Stories? Here’s the easiest way to learn.

How to write stories? If you are wondering this, then surely there is a story fluttering in your heart and making you desperate to pour it out in writing. Well, many people think writing stories is easy. It is not as time-consuming as a novel, so it must be easy to write. However, experienced writers will tell you that it is very difficult to master this literary form. It requires a lot of discipline and economy of words.

But don’t you worry. Here’s an easy way to learn how to write stories like a pro. Just check out my latest book! It is full of proven short story writing tips that will help you at every stage of story writing.

How to Write Short Stories like a Pro is part of The Writer’s Toolkit Series by The Book Club. This series of guide books is being developed by experienced authors to help the new authors. If you too harbour literary dreams in your heart, then do check out this toolkit for writers.

My book How to Write Short Stories like a Pro carries easy to follow lessons and tips about writing short stories. Even though the name suggests it is only about writing stories, these tips will also help you if you write longer fiction. From finding ideas to editing your complete manuscript – the book teaches you all. In fact, it doesn’t just teach, it makes you write! So check it out and find the easiest way to learn how to write stories!

I hope it will help you write many memorable stories.

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How to write short stories like a pro


Who else wants to write a short story masterpiece?

Do you feel a story throbbing in your heart?

Do you want to learn how to write a story from start to finish?

Then this step-by-step guide to writing timeless tales is perfect for you!

Short story is one of the most difficult literary forms to master. But don’t let this frighten you. With my simple to follow tips and your talent, you can write a masterpiece too.

Learn how to find unique story ideas, how to start a story, set compelling plots, create memorable characters, and polish the story draft. Find out proven writing tips and easily convert your ideas into well-crafted stories.

‘How to Write Short Stories like a Pro’ is a complete writing course in a concise form. It does not just deliver writing lessons — it makes you write. If you follow its practice suggestions, you’ll have a beautiful short story ready before you finish reading the book.

So what are you waiting for? Get ‘How to Write Short Stories like a Pro’ and start your journey as a short story expert now!

The tips you learn from this book will also help when you write your bestselling novel.


The book is available at all Amazon market places.

Here’s what this book can and cannot do for you:

Short story writing tips, how to write stories

Will this book help me find good story ideas?

Yes, it has tips to help you find compelling ideas.

Will this book tell me how to start a story?

Yes, it has proven tips to help you write good Beginning, Middle, and End of your story.

Will this book help me polish my writing?

Yes, it has expert tips to help you improve your writing style.

Will this book help me structure and plot my story?

Yes, it has two complete chapters dedicated to story structure and plot.

Will this book show me how to become a good writer?

Yes, if you follow this book’s writing tips, they will help you become a better writer. But besides the guidance of this book, you also need talent and a lot of hard work to become an expert at writing fiction.

Will this book really teach me how to write stories?

The book ‘How to Write Short Stories like a Pro’ has easy-to-follow tips and a step-by-step procedure of writing short stories. It also has simple practice exercises. This book does not just teach, it makes you write.

Will this book make me a bestselling writer?

Sorry, this book can only guide you towards better fiction writing. It does not teach you marketing.

Will this writing guide also help me write novels?

Absolutely! The book teaches you how to find good ideas, research your market, improve your style, write impressively, and polish your writing well. All this will also help you when you write your novel.

So, come on, check out this easy guide and become a short story expert. Find expert tips that will help you at every stage of writing. This is the cheapest fiction writing course you will ever get! Check out the book now and learn how to write stories with ease. (Scroll a little up to find the book’s Amazon links)

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