The Case of Bookcase

Whenever someone is moving to a new house or renovating an old house, there’s great excitement to use the most appropriate interior decoration ideas. One might think that internet would make finding these ideas easier. Sure, we now have services like Pinterest where one can find many brilliant ideas. And then there are other sites more directly related to home decor. There are several smartphone applications available too for the purpose. But I think, the more ideas we have, the harder it becomes to arrive at a final choice. Which colour to use? What kind of furniture? What kind of flooring? The questions are endless, and their answers even more so.

However, for a bookworm like me, the first and most important question is ‘What kind of bookcase should I have?’ And looking at photos of designer bookcases is as alluring for us as looking at luxury cars is for car lovers. And that was why, to tell you frankly, I was browsing through Pinterest yesterday doing nothing else but looking at bookcases. And what fabulous bookcases I came across. Let me show you some:

Bookcase tree

This bookcase I have seen online more than once. The first time I saw it, I thought ‘Wow! I want that!’ But then I decided against it. Sure it looks nice and has lots of shelves too. But still not enough for my existing collection. I’m sure any true bookworm would need more space for books than this little tree can provide.

Bookcase - under stairs

Now this is more like what a booklover needs. Plenty of space for books. And this bookshelf can also save a bookworm from the accusation of occupying too much space with books. This bookshelf utilizes useless space, doesn’t it? But stepping over books, even if on a staircase, is not really something a true booklover would like to think of. That would be sacrilege, won’t it?

Bookcase - bathtub

Then I saw this. A whole bookcase alongside the bathtub. Does this please you? It gave me shivers! I mean, come on, can you imagine a bookworm putting dear, precious books so near water and mist (in case of hot water)? Even the thought is horrifying, unless the books are made of plastic. And even then we’ll be worried about spoiling their shine.

Bookcase ring

Well, this certainly is a cool idea for a book case. It looks stylish and I can very well imagine myself sprawling inside the ring with a good book. But here too I see a problem. The ring is so tall. I’d need a ladder to reach the top shelf. But that will spoil the show of this bookcase.  And its hole takes up too much unnecessary space. Fill it up with more shelves for books, please!

Bookcase - Read

Now this READ is something that would look great in my room. Only one problem. The shelves are open. How can I keep my books in open shelves? Dust and moisture will spoil them!

Bookcase near window

This certainly is a dream corner for a bookworm. Nice comfortable seat that can accommodate any twisted posture of the oblivious bookworm. Bright sunshine pouring in and glimpse of nature to rejuvenate the tired eyes so they can continue reading. And lots of shelves. Of course, these shelves too need glass on them to protect books from dust.

But glass will show the books to visitors and friends and cousins. What if some of them wants to borrow a book? I won’t be able to refuse. And I certainly won’t be able to give either for fear I never get my precious book back.

Finally I settled on this:

Steel cupboard

So what if this doesn’t look as cool as other bookcases? It keeps my books protected, doesn’t it? It won’t even let anybody know that hidden behind these boring panels are world of fantasies, people worth falling in love with again and again, lessons that enter the heart without battling with the mind and lots of magic woven in words. Nobody will know. And nobody needs to know. These are MY books. Keep your hands and eyes off, please!

*All images gathered from Pinterest. 

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