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Merry Christmas & Happy 2021!

Wish you all a Merry Christmas

And a Happy 2021!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year wish

There have been many years before too when death and destruction danced over the world. Years when pain and grief rose to such an extent that they became unremarkable. Years that saw world wars, exodus, famines, floods, and all sorts of calamities wreaking havoc over the world.

We thought all that was the stuff of the past, didn’t we? We thought the world is now too advanced to fall prey to any such trouble. We believed ourselves safe.

Then 2020 came. And we saw how bad things can get how quickly.

One tiny microbe turned rogue and locked the entire world behind doors. A tiny nothing brought world powers to their knees. It even broke through our togetherness and made distance a necessity. It pulled children out of schools and the workforce out of offices. This tiny fiend made us hide our face from the world. It even shut the doors of religious places!

But this wasn’t all. The year 2020 seemed to bring trouble after trouble. Sickness, natural calamities, wars, violence, protests — everything seemed to be going wrong. It’s no wonder that some people have even started using 2020 as a swear word.

I don’t remember ever looking forward to the end of a year as impatiently I did for 2020. I think many others are also counting the days when they can say ‘good riddance’ to this year. All are hoping for a happy 2021.

But let us not forget that it was also the year that taught us many lessons. It taught us how little we really need to live. It taught us that no matter how hard things get, there are always people who come forward to help selflessly. 2020 also taught us that when time wills it, even a tiny invisible thing can defeat the giants. That nothing is certain in life. Yet, we survive, we endure, we win.

Now that 2020 is ending, let us hold on to the lessons it taught us. At the same time, let us look forward to the future with hope.

May it be better.

May we be better!

May happier days come again.

Happy 2021 Wish

good by 2020, happy 2021 wish
 Request to Santa
My dear Santa,
 This year was so scary
 But now it’s coming to a close,
 Please let us be merry.
 Dear Santa, we know
 Some of us are bad,
 But not as bad as 2020,
 It was raging mad!
 It locked us, it mocked us,
 It made us hide our face,
 When we needed togetherness,
 It made us maintain space.
 Though it held good lessons,
 We are glad to see it leave,
 2021 will bring happier days,
 Fervently we pray & believe.
 So, jingle bell, jingle bell
 And a merry Ho! Ho! Ho!
 Let us be hopeful,
 As we watch 2020 go.
 Grant us this one gift,
 Oh Santa, please be a dear,
 Let 2021 be good,
 Make it truly a happy new year! 

Wish you a very happy 2021!

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  1. How lovely and cheerful!! 2020 surely needs to go away quickly so a new beginning reckons!! A grander one which is COVID free and harvesting happiness 🥰🎄🤩enjoyed reading your wishlist ❤️❤️