Lemon Girl Giveaway Contest

My second novel Lemon Girl released in November, 2014. A month passed away in silence and I remained in suspense about what the readers would feel about it. Would they like it? Have I succeeded in bringing out the theme of the book well? Have i made it enjoyable enough? Would the readers like the characters and story of Lemon Girl? The questions were many. But the answers awaited the reviews of the book by its readers and critics.

Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora

Well, I have received plenty of reviews now. And I’m happy and proud to report that each review of Lemon Girl has been a confidence booster for me. The reviews of Lemon Girl from readers, book reviewers and bloggers have all been very appreciative so far.

And to celebrate that, I wanted to host a giveaway of Lemon Girl. And what better day for that than the grand day of India’s Republic Day?

So here’s wishing all the Indian visitors of this blog a very happy Republic Day!

And the Lemon Girl Giveaway Contest is now live on my website. It offers a chance to win one paperback and five electronic copies of Lemon Girl. Check it out HERE

Do take part in it. And help me spread the word about it.


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