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Dear Jyoti

          Thank you for your book Lemon Girl. I enjoyed reading it very much and it is a valuable addition to my library.

           with best wishes

                      Maneka Sanjay Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi appreciating Jyoti Arora, author of Lemon Girl




(Lemon Girl was featured as Book of the Day on Spectral Hues on 21 December, 2014)

Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora featured on Spectral Hues

Spectral Hues: Jyoti Arora’s second novel is poignant and heart-wrenching. ’Lemon Girl’, as the name suggests, is not an alien or an eccentric character. She is our very own bubbly next-door Nirvi, who like all, had dared to dream. And Nirvi had not been spared. She, too, has been tabooed and ripped off the mainstream of life as a ‘victim’. The author’s scathing details lie open the biting truths of societal reality. It’s easier to mark sins, it’s hard to wipe them off. And Jyoti’s convincing narrative entertains, making it an obvious page-turner.

 Sankha Ghosh: The author has woven a fascinating drama with a feeble dose of Rashomon effect in an interlocking criss-cross way of narrative. It is interesting to note that despite taking an alternative narrative style – the author never let the grip off the plot. Adhering to the main plot – the author has rightly unleashed various social complexities and hypocrisies in a sharp way. Taking the first person route of the either sexes in alternative chapters – she put through some deep insights into human psyche and how it varies in a gross level. After a long time, there is an Indian author who dared to showcase her excellent vocabulary throughout….With sensible humor, intelligent narrative – the author brings in a classy portrayal of excellence. Be it with her romantic moments. Or her robust characterization. Or her emotional descriptions. Her Lemon Girl is classy enough to fall for.

The Bibulous Bibliobiuli: Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora is a novel with a lot of heart. The book touches your heartstrings all the way from the first page to the last. The story is imbued with a distinct poetic spirit.

Bookish Indulgences with Book R3vi3ws (top 50 reviewers on Not once did the book feel unreal or overdone. In fact, there was a nagging feeling about the truth in the pages. Jyoti Arora has kept her language and narration simple, letting the plot and the characters take the center stage. Fiction or Reality? That is the question I had while reading this book. The novel maybe a work of fiction, but it is the reality of too many women in our society.

Engaging and emotional, this novel is a must read for all. READ MORE

Writer’s Ezine: The pros of the story are definitely the uniqueness in the plot, the story line and the strong characters woven in, interestingly. Those things make this book stand out amongst the hordes of new titles coming out today. The author has got an edge over them as her narration from the main female lead’s perspective is what makes this book more endearing, bringing out her emotions very beautifully in a language that leaves a mark on the reader for long.

Metro Reader: The language is simple and the reader keeps guessing as to what happened to Nirvi to make her the girl she is now. The characters are very real; we meet a Nirvi or an Arsh every day.  The plot is different and the narration is done from the point of view of both the characters. The character whose point of view is being expressed is the name of the chapter. The story moves back and forth from the present to the past thus keeping the reader busy as to what is exactly happening and why. The story is touching and emotional.

A Book Lover’s World: “Lemon Girl” is a bold attempt by the author. This book, is full of twist and turns, and at the end, will make you say, “That’s a good read!” A ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Book, A Bold Attempt by the Author, Highly Recommended for all, No Second Thoughts! READ MORE

The Book Club (Reviewer Rubina Ramesh): This is not a  one time read. It has many shades which might make you love or hate a character at different points of time. Questions will arise which makes you ponder about the story. But a must read for those who love drama.

Kevin Cooper: It is most certainly one of the most memorable stories I’ve ever read… Hence the five stars.

Ravish Mani: The story starts in simple manner and gradually becomes complex like our own lives. It deals various aspects of our lives from different perspectives. It is not a simple garden love story but a serious plot unravelling layers of love one by one. I must appreciate author’s wisdom on human psychology and spirituality.

Sweet Sharing: Lemon Girl is not just an anomalous piece that is usually expected when a serious social issue is the core of the story . On the contrary , the series of events are so beautifully woven together that the reader  becomes one with the subject . It is an excellent blend of human emotions , skillful writing & drama . The book stand out because of its unique narration , griping events & well crafted characters . It leaves you with a hope that changing perception is not impossible as it may seem . Rape survivors DO NOT need our sympathies .They need our understanding . It is not them who need to change but our attitude & actions that need an overhauling. After all , in Nirvi’s words , ” That it wasn’t my fault. It was NOT my fault.” Highly recommended !!

Soumya Mukharjee (Blogger): The protagonist is Nirvi, with whom, like the hero and co narrator of the story Arsh, I fell in love. What looked like yet another college romance soon took a stark turn, and the protagonist’s narrative, a look into the tortured mind of a psychologically damaged victim bent on self destruction, sounds uncomfortably real.

Saddi Delhi: What is interesting is the insight that Jyoti provides into characters which aren’t all white. The story is placed in a contemporary setting – we have a live-in relationship, house-parties, even a dose of the good old anti-corruption movement. To the author’s credit, the various elements blend in with each other very well. There are plenty of people in the tale, all well painted: a chauvinistic boyfriend, a sweet girl-next-door, orthodox parents, the rich knight with a troubled personal life. The reader travels through the city smoke to the hills beyond in an expert change of pace.

Sweety Shinde: When I find protagonists I root for, begin to feel concerned for, when they pull me into their world, when they transcend from mere alphabets into characters and when they linger in mind long after the last page ends – I declare it anauthor’s success.

Amit Gupta on Blog Love is Always New: Author paints the characters with broad strokes – there is chauvinistic boyfriend, orthodox parents, candle marches, a heavy dose of anti-corruption movement, live-in relationships and a luxuriant lifestyle portrayed at times. To be fair and give credit to author, all this blends well with the story line which gives narrative required texture. The author manages successfully to allow the lead character to ask difficult questions to both herself and to the society.

A Lot of Pages: I truly enjoyed this story of new beginning, trusting yourself and of a guy’s goal to bring happiness back to a girl. It is also a hopeful tale of Nirvi finding the right from wrong and taking a stand to win respect back in her own eyes. Jyoti’s writing is very fluid and the conversations are real. The characters are well sketched and their reactions make them relatable in the context.

Arpita’s Thoughts: Lemon girl has a romantic storyline with an unexpected twist. It is author’s second book, but it seems to have been infused with heartfelt emotions. The characters have been developed very well. One can easily relate to them.

eFiction: The story has a lot of psychological aspects involved and the author, in a mere 170 pages, has succeeded in weaving a heart rending and soul stirring story.

Books News India: This is not a normal victim turned victorious types of story glorifying the social causes rather it is about the inner strength, the inner beauty.

Review By Eokhardah: Ghost from the past is chasing her and she is running away- probably to escape from the burden of her sin!
Wrong! She has been categorized as a sinner for no fault of hers!

Let Us Review: Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora deserves a rating of 5 out of 5! She showed me the mirror of an imperfect world and the beauty of love in the same book and for that she deserves full marks! –

Abracabadra: This book delivered not only a literary composition, but also dealt with an important issue that makes me admire the author for the duality thus, making it a recommended read!

Rachna Gupta: Jyoti Arora has written an engaging story that keeps the reader captivated till the end. The chapters in the story have been kept at a good length which helps the story flow from one page too another; there isn’t too little information and neither too much!

Eloquent Articulation: The author has dealt with the topic of incest and the typical reactions of people in such cases. I commend her effort of bringing the plight of the victim to light. The read is a bit heavy but puts across a poignant tale of love and longing. The need to be loved and cherished by our loved ones is paramount and if you find none – how do you go on?

Halo of Books: This is an emotional, inspirational and unique love story which you hardly get to read, thus makes this book a must read

Karan Kumar: Take time out and read this interesting piece which encompasses a whole lot of emotions , self restraint and struggled and tangled life and above love

Scattered Thoughts: Lemon Girl definitely has a message, but the writing skill of Jyoti never gives the feeling, that, someone is pouring the message into the reader’s mind from outside

Living A Thousand Lives: I liked everything about this book – the plot, the characterization, the ending.

Cchocolatelovinggal: Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora is highly recommended read to all book lovers.

Tale of Two Tomatoes: It is also an excellent blend of emotions and relations.



Akanksha Singh: Kudos to Jyoti for having written such a beautiful story with a message that will reach the masses. Nirvi’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment will definitely force you to think and reassess your misconceptions.
That being said, the fast paced story and the simple style in which it is written along with the beautiful and scenic descriptions of places make this book a gem. This book should be turned into a movie. Are you listening, Karan Johar? READ MORE

Parikhit: “Jyoti Arora’s ‘Lemon Girl’ sensitively touches this sensitive issue. Nirvi, uninhibited, boisterous is unimaginably raped, robbed of her lemony, happy self and who is to be blamed? Nirvi! A cruel metamorphosis of her former self is all she has to shield the world from her and herself from the world. But the past was lurking to crack open her attempts and push her to the realms of darkness, the ghosts of the past catalysing her fall. Nirvi made a choice and emerged a champion. ‘Lemon Girl’ is not a tale about redemption, it isn’t a tale about how a girl fought the demons tethering her, it is the tale of the cruelty the world imposes, the readiness with which we clip the wings of a girl aiming for a better life, it is the tale of helplessness, but also the tale of the bravery, of the fact that no mountain is too high and no ocean too deep when a resolute mind decides against the norm.” READ MORE

Rajan: A true facet of our unmerciful and culprit society, this novel has made a move to shrug it off with an eye-opening read. Set on Indian background, it speaks through the eyes and heart of a rape victim, which has been done perfectly throughout the story.

About the writing style of the author, I was stunned to find the book told from two minds, giving two dimensions to view the story. Had the story been written on a plain and singleton view from a narrator, the story would have lost its charm. The story has its own emotions and successfully casts a spell over the readers to be in control of the drift in the story and walk side by side with the characters over the plots.
It’s not Just a Love story, it’s a lot more than that. It’s a Eye-opening read waiting to reveal the truth in front of our society and show its backlogs. READ MORE

Arvinder Singh: I have never finished any book so early, but this book is different from all. The characters portrayed in this novel seem to be real ones, belonging to us. Nirvi, Arsh are two main characters, which have kept me spell bound to finish the novel earliest. Jyoti Arora has portrayed the characters so well that I have fallen in love with the character Nirvi & Arsh. READ MORE

Abhilash Ruhela: Right from the starting, book holds you and makes you a part of the feelings that Nirvi and Arsh keeps on expressing as first person in chapter after chapter. In some cases, you find Nirvi’s point of view correct while in other, Arsh’s. That’s the magic of this book. READ MORE

Tejaswi: The Story of a girl who got catched up in some miserable circumstances nd keeps on punishing herself without actually moving ahead in life.And then Life changes , she moved ahead but again the past haunts.Story of Nirvi us takes turns and ends Happily.Go ahead it. Read on Goodreads

Sharanya: ‘Lemon Girl’ is a must read. Despite the ugly patriarchal society we live in, this book gives us so much hope that as long as we keep fighting and not give up, we can keep the darkness at bay. READ MORE

Rahul: This novel has such a beautiful flowing lyrical prose…after a long time i have come across an Indian author who knows her stuff READ MORE

Akanksha Gupta: I loved the book and here is one author who doesn’t write to sell. ‘Lemon Girl‘ is a must read. READ MORE

Lavanya: A woman would know her preciousness and what not to feel after reading this beautifukly written book. READ MORE

Many more reviews on Goodreads, check out the Lemon Girl on to read more


Other Reviews

Rishikesh Pande:

Greetings ma’am!

I have just spent the whole night finishing last 50% of your book and I’m writing to let you know how I felt about it. The urgency with which I am writing you must give you a hint of what follows. What follows is certainly not the decent way to express it, but, I suppose you won’t mind my language this one time.

Why did you do this to me? This is certainly the best book I have ever read. Ask my running nose how much I have cried tonight because of your book. This is the book I have been waiting to read all my life and I certainly want to thank you from the bottom of my life to write a ‘classic’ and give me the opportunity to read it and review it. Did I just call it a classic? Yes, I did.

After reading this amazing book, I must ask you for an autograph. Please let me know how I can acquire a signed paperback copy of your wonderful book.

The book review? I wish I could write an entire novel to let you and the world know how and what I felt about the book. But, I’ll write a book review and post it within two day’s time.

I must again thank you for writing a classic book and give me the opportunity to read and review it. I really hope you don’t mind my foul language this one time.

Thanks and regards Your fan Rishikesh

Akriti Mathur: “A sophisticated writing style capturing the emotional struggle we go through today, really well.

The book is a nice read.. after long, a book that quite crudely puts across the cumulative struggle a lot of girls face.. mostly with oneself, subjected by the so-called modern society that still refuses to evolve. The characters feel so real… could relate to a huge portion of the book.

The best thing is a lot of nuances of our daily combats are captured very subtly.
All in all- a sensitive issue handled really well… with a writing style that smoothly grows on you. A piece of literature that’s gonna be a part of my proud collection.”

Jayshree Roy (top 500 reviewer on She was a next door girl-jovial, full of life, like to enjoy life to the fullest possible extent.
Life sometimes plays cruel joke-she too was the victim of such a fate. But was it her fault?
In a patriarch society women are blamed themselves when they fall prey to the lust of man. She was provocative-was the apt reply from the society- a society where dignity of woman is a mere showcase term.
When Arsh first saw Nirvi-the jovial girl I am talking about, she was like the new leaves sprouted after the winter-green. After a gap of years destiny again fixed a meeting for them-this time he discovered she was like a robot-merely recites like a parrot what her boyfriend likes to listen.
Why this sudden turn around?
Arsh realised she had a soft corner for him-she too realised it.
She ran away-to unknown destiny from him-probably in a bid to hide her emotions, in a fear of getting caught weeping.
But did she get peace?
Arsh discovered stunning facts –what made her to run away from love?
It is an absorbing story that will put you in all tears

Vipul: When i first got to know that there’s a new book in the market from someone new author, i just thought to read it. I have already read many novels. “Five Point Someone”, and “2 States” are my best. But these are from well known famous author who know how to make such impressive novels. So i thought to try something new, aur dil se kahu toh jaise jaise ye novel padhta gaya, vaise vaise isme is kadar khoto gaya jaise saare characters real ho..words are not enough to praise but in short i wanna say that “It’s awesome”…That’s what we call a Novel..
Special thanks to Miss Jyoti Arora who wrote such beautiful words and combined them to make a novel

Gunjan Tiwari: Hey Jyoti! Just finished reading Lemon Girl. What an emotional, eye opening story and so beautifully told. Loved it. Also becomes the first book that I started and finished in one day… Just couldn’t keep it for next day.

Yashika: hey hi jyoti ..i am yashica and have read your book lemon girl, its one of the best book i have read till date..the emotion and the characters feel so real..ur an amazing writer.

Garima Gakkhar: Great Book !!!!!!

Pradeep Kumar: Read your book LEMON GIRL. A fascinating journey of emotions, love, anguish, self respect and victory of one recovering from dreaded past. A must read for all . .

Nitya Gupta: So …. Finally m done … I m nt a bolgger not a reviewer so plz dun xpct any fancy wrds studded in an intricate manner … Woahh it was a roller coaster ride u read u feel u decide u judge u njoy u broke ….. Sometimes Like Nirvi n smtyms like lemon girl … It was THE BEST LOVE STORY (read it as Self Love Story)…. being in love with uaslf, respecting uaslf,blaming uaself,managing uaslf, getting rid of burden, getting yourslf freed

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