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We are a rainbow, let’s remain so

A rainbow is beautiful not because it has different colours. It is beautiful because these different colours shine together. They don’t go away from each other. They don’t boast of their supremacy. They don’t try to overwhelm each other. They complement each other to create beauty through the gloomy sky.
That’s the power and magic of unity in diversity!
And that’s what makes our India so special too.

quote about India's unity in diversity

We are a rainbow

We are a nation of numerous colours. India is a marvel of diversity. So many different languages, religions, customs, festivals, cuisines. Every community in India has its significance, its specialty. But alone, none of them can make what India stands for.
Like a rainbow needs all its colours to be whole, India needs all its communities to remain one.
We are strong together. We are beautiful together.

We need to say no

Let’s not make selfish motives of greedy leaders ruin this beautiful unity of diversity. Let’s not make anyone disturb the beautiful rainbow that we all create together.
Say no to hate.
Say no to hateful messages on social media.
Say no to propagating hurtful rumours.

We need to be careful

Most of what you see on social media is a lie, or a truth transformed in a way that it loses its real face. If anything on social media sounds too shocking, disgusting, hateful, or even too good to be true, Google it before believing it. Facts can be distorted, pictures can be altered, videos and audios can be doctored.
Social media now has the power to influence elections, commit murders, incite riots, destroy lives. It has become a very dangerous weapon. Be careful in its use. Be very careful.

We need to say yes

Say yes to peace.

Say yes to progress.

Say yes to honesty.

Say yes to maintain clean and green environment

And say yes to unity and togetherness.

Because in togetherness lies our strength. In togetherness lies our splendor. In togetherness lies our future.

Wish you all a very happy Republic Day.

May we remain united. May we remain strong. May we prosper and shine. Together.

Jai Hind!


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