7 Eternal Facts…about Smartphones!

Smartphone addiction1. No smartphone is perfect

If it’s beautiful, it may not be a great performer. If it works well and looks good, its camera may not be the best. If even the camera works well, the battery may give up too soon. No matter what our smartphone has, there always remains a desire for more. And the ‘other’ smartphone always has something that should have been there in our phone too.

2. A Smartphone gets old the moment you buy it.

With all the smartphone making companies throwing all their might in winning the smartphone race, there’s always a smartphone just launched, launching or about to launch, with newer and more exciting technologies. The result is that your smartphone will get outdated before you get used to it. In fact, If you research and ponder a lot before buying a smartphone, chances are that when you buy your smartphone, it will already be outdated.

3. We can live without a smartphone. Yes, it’s true!

Whether you believe it or not, survival without a smartphone is possible. Just try it out for an hour and you’ll see you can breathe in and out even without the presence of smartphone in your hand. It is not easy, I know. It’s like a child being made to sit still for an hour facing the wall. But the child finds ways to survive that torture. You will too!

4. We don’t mind driving without helmet or seat belts, but our smartphone must have covers and screen guards.

We love our smartphones so much that we value them more than our life! We need a law to force us to wear seat belts and helmets. Even then we find ways and excuses to evade these precautions that are meant to protect something as precious as our life. But when it comes to our smartphones, we don’t mind spending extra bucks to give them all sorts of protection. And even if the smartphone boasts of having a Gorrila Glass protection, we still want it safeguarded with a screen guard. That’s how important our smartphones are to us!

5. We never fully use our smartphone’s capabilities

I’ve seen people having the latest and the best smartphone and no knowledge of how to even change its wallpaper. A smartphone is a mighty device. And most of us keep on using it without uncovering all its secrets. I’ve seen many people requesting phone numbers on Facebook because they have lost their Android phone and hence all their contact details too. That really is an insult to smartphones, you know!

6. Smartphones are the first thing most of us touch in the morning and the last thing at night

Oh, we love them so! Our days start with smartphones and end with them too. They are our life companion, they are with us on every step. From gently waking us up to lulling us to sleep, from reminding us of important events to keeping track of our daily routine…they can do it all. No wonder our hands feel empty when they are not caressing the sensuous smooth body of our smartphone!

7. Smartphones are our servants. And we are their slaves.

They serve us. They work for us till the last charge of their battery. They are always alert to our daily requirements. They can even keep tracks of our health and sleep. And in return, we have sworn our eternal union with them. Our smartphones know more about us than our family and friends. So we spend more time with them than with our family and friends, even when sitting in the middle of these family and friends. Smartphones light up our lives with their bright glimmer. And we keep our head forever bowed to them. We may control smartphones, but they govern us now.

In brief:

funny Smartphone facts

Here, let me make a confession. It was my love for smartphones too that turned me into a technology bloggerAnd when it comes to smartphone addiction, not just me but my parents have fallen prey to it!

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